nespresso vs keurig

Nespresso vs Keurig

Nespresso vs Keurig

You’d be forgiven for thinking those two capsule / single serve coffee machines are pretty much the same thing with a different name – but there are some major key differences in their output, functionality and the types of drinks you can expect form them.

We compare the differences side by side and weigh up every aspect you would need to consider on each machine.

Nespresso Overview

The Nespresso range of coffee machines, like the Pixie, Inissia, Citiz, Prodigio and Maestria have been on the market for a number of years, and have more than doubled in sales recently. These machines are relatively affordable for the niche which they were designed, and actually produce an exceptional cup of coffee! But remember that I mentioned coffee.

This is likely the biggest limitation (also not calling it a downfall) of the Nespresso range of coffee machines. That being said – if you are in fact somewhat of a coffee purist who enjoys simplicity and a remarkably good looking capsule system – then the Nespresso range might well be able to entirely satisfy your specific needs. There is no shortage of speciality shops and suppliers from whom you can source your Nespresso Coffee capsules, so if you are looking for a solution that ticks the following boxes, have a closer look at what the Nespresso range can offer:

  • You’re looking for a small and aesthetically pleasing home or private office coffee machine solution.
  • Pure, exceptional quality capsule brewed Espresso’s.
  • Branding superiority (if brand name is important, Nespresso is an excellent choice).
  • You do not particularly enjoy or want milk-based or specialty drinks. 

Keurig Overview

Keurig might not have as wide a brand footprint as Nespresso carries, but it is also in no way an unknown brand in the coffee industry. To back up my claim, Starbucks capsules are one of the few brands (amongst others, like Dunkin Donuts and Green Mountain coffee) to offer Keurig compatible capules.

Where Keurig somewhat lacks the ability to make you an Espresso that going to make you stop and say “Ahh” – it sure can make up for it in that it offers speciality drinks and is compatible with a multitude of capsules – which are also available at a larger amount of speciality stores and non-speciality stores alike.

If you’re looking for a machine that:

  • Has a good standing brand name
  • Can make a large variety of milk-based (albeit powdered milk) and speciality drinks
  • And you live in the U.S., U.K or Canada then this machine could well make you a very happy customer.

Yes, it’s a downfall, which is why I’ve left it for last; Keurig is only available in those 3 countries.

If you’re still undecided, check out our literal side-by-side comparison to help make it easier.


Nespresso Keurig
  • Price –  R 3500.00 – R 8 000.00
  • Price – R 650.00 – R 2 500.00
  • Ease of use – Very easy
  • Ease of use – Easy
  • # of models available – 10
  • # of models available – 5
  • Maintenance – Easy
  • Maintenance – Easy
  • Capsule availability – Online, Speciality Stores
  • Capsule availability – Online, Speciality Stores, Retail Outlets i.e. Starbucks etc.
  • Country restrictions – None
  • Country restrictions – USA, U.K and Canada
  • Variety of drinks – Only Espresso
  • Variety of drinks – Coffee, Tea, Cocoa and Iced
  • Espresso Extraction / 10 – 10
  • Espresso Extraction / 10 – 8
  • Aesthetics /10 – 10
  • Aesthetics /10 – 10


Note that Aquaspresso and all affiliates thereof are in no way associated with or stockists of Nescafe, Nestle or Nespresso Products. The views expressed in this article are not those of the company or publisher.  

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