Review: De‘Longhi Coffee Machine Range

Review: De‘Longhi Coffee Machine Range

There’s an age-old saying that “coffee makes the world go round”. Well, perhaps we’re paraphrasing the original a bit, but for many people, coffee provides the necessary boost to get going on a Monday morning, or even to help you get through the end of week slump, which tends to loom around Thursday afternoon. There are so many different options of coffee machines to choose from, be it for your home, or once your boss agrees that it may be time to move on from serving everyone cheap instant coffee. Where do you begin?

Rather than focusing on a single product like we’ve done in the past, we felt that this time it was well worth the time to consider a product range as a whole, giving you a bit more of a sense of what is on offer, and whether there is something that may be a good fit or your needs. A company that we’ve been keeping an eye on, is De‘Longhi, which boasts a wide variety of machines, perfect for every occasion. Let’s explore.

More About De‘Longhi Coffee

De‘Longhi is a well-established brand providing a multitude of products, but in 1990, decided it also wanted to get into the coffee game. Since launching this branch of their business, they’ve made their intentions and enthusiasm for coffee very clear, launching their “Bar” line as a first release, and ultimately beginning a pursuit for unique technologies to implement into their machines, in an attempt to stay one step ahead of the competition. This becomes evident when looking at their current range, which boasts a wide variety of features not commonly found in competitor products (and generally, has an exquisitely modern and refined look).

Range of Coffee Machines from De‘Longhi

De‘Longhi boasts an impressive range of coffee machines, including fully automatic, espresso, combo, drip coffee, steam coffee, grinders, as well as a range of coffee accessories. Their fully automatic products are bestsellers, providing a more extensive range of options for any budding coffee aficionado, or for any environment that requires more than just a “cup a day at home”. We enjoyed having a look at their espresso machines in particular, with the newer ranges getting top marks in terms of style, size and in terms of general maintenance.

Pricing of De‘Longhi Coffee Machines

As a whole, De‘Longhi’s pricing may deter a few customers, as their machines do tend to lean towards the side of being a bit more of a pricey investment. For home use, the ESAM2200 “Bean to Cup” machine, for example, retails anywhere from R5000.00 to R6000.00. The corporate models are upwards of R8000.00 per machine, often and relatively easily breaching the R10 000.00 mark. 

It’s clear that these machines are tailored towards a higher-end buyer, though it’s worth a reminder that quality does usually come at a price, and by making an investment in a machine like this, you’re likely to be securing a fresh cuppa each morning for the next five to ten years, maintenance and care considered, of course.

Affordability of Coffee Machines, and What You Can Do

That said, for some of us, it’s simply a case of affordability, and if you own a small business, but still want to make a good impression on the first meeting you have with a potential client or investor, you may want to look at another option. Not considering another machine brand, but rather, what else you can do, over and above paying for the machine upfront. Aquapresso has a range of De‘Longhi products available directly from their site. What makes them unique, is that they offer coffee machine rentals, meaning you’re welcome to give a machine a test run before buying, or even consider a longer-term rental agreement with them. That not only helps with home or business cash flow, but also gives you quick access, without having to swipe your (or the company) credit card in the process. Kudos to them for providing more options, especially in economically tough times around the world!

As a whole, the De‘Longhi range is well worth considering if you’re looking for an option for home, the office or as a gift for a loved one. The range is modern, technologically advanced, and able to give you a variety of options, catering to the specific needs of coffee lovers from all walks of life.

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