6 Things to Consider When Purchasing an Office Coffee Machine

6 Things to Consider When Purchasing an Office Coffee Machine

6 Things to Consider When Purchasing an Office Coffee Machine

Why get an Office Coffee Machine?

The first thing to do when considering an office coffee machine is to decide what is it that you want to achieve? Do you want to save costs/improve quality /prevent theft/ make an impression? We suggest the following types of machines for the following goals. Save Costs-Filter Coffee Machine ; Prevent Theft – Filter Coffee Machine, Capsule Coffee Machine, Automatic Bean-2-Cup Coffee Machine ;Make an impression: Capsule Coffee Machine, Automatic Bean-2-Cup Coffee Machine ;Improve Quality: Automatic Bean-2-Cup Coffee Machine, Capsule Coffee Machine

What type of coffee it is that you want?

Do you simply want to provide the basics or do you want to offer straight coffee as well as double vanilla macchiatos. Capsule Machines are ideal for espressos. They produce a clean quick espresso with a great crema and flavour. The flavour extraction from a proper capsule machine is over better than most automatic machines and the preservation method used ensures that the body and aroma are not lost even if you don’t go through large quantities in a short space of time. If you only intend to produce filter coffee then there is no need to go as fancy as a bean-to-cup machine. A straight forward filter coffee machine or capsule coffee machine is perfect. Try avoid filter coffee machines from one of the retail stores which consist of all plastic parts and produce a Luke warm concoction. If you love your cappuccinos and lattes than a bean-to-cup machine is probably your best bet as they provide the simplest means of obtaining a milk-coffee drink. However avoid automatic machines with plastic milk containers built into them as these turn sour very quickly

What is your budget?

Unfortunately we don’t all have bottomless budgets so you will have to factor in your limit. Now when it comes to factoring in price you need to consider the price of the coffee machine (coffee machine rental) as well as the price of the coffee. For this Reason the following guides are quite helpful; Office Size 1-5 People: Capsule Machine ; Office Size 6+ People: Automatic Bean-2-Cup or Filter

A good quality coffee machine is crucial

As with everything Quality and Brand is hugely important. Rather go for a coffee machine specialist brand as opposed to choosing a general appliance manufacturer who makes washing machines, toasters AND coffee machines.

Coffee Machine backup service

Service is quite possibly the most important thing to consider when purchasing any electronic item but unfortunately most of us only realise this when it is too late. Ensure that the company you buy your coffee machine from will collect it and will return it to and from your office if faulty and also ask the company you decide to buy from if they offer free callouts if you need a bit of help. There is nothing worse than buying or renting a coffee machine just for it to turn into a beautiful expensive paper weight because something small is wrong with it. Also if you are renting make sure you don’t pay extra for a maintenance plan. A rental should cover all maintenance needed for your coffee machine.

Is it better to rent or purchase your coffee machine?

Well like a lot of question the answer to this one is ….It depends. Advantages of renting include free maintenance , hugely reduced (subsidised)rentals if coffee is purchased as well (sometimes free rentals) , peace of mind. Advantages of buying include, the machine is yours (advantage and disadvantage) We always suggest to our customers to start out renting, and with a trial period, if possible.

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