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Average Cost of Commercial Coffee Machines

Average Cost of Commercial Coffee Machines

Commercial coffee machines are classified as machines that people would use in a small office setup (with an approximate maximum of 5 – 10 people) or a machine that can be used in a financially efficient manner in atypical home setup.

Many people are sold on the idea of a capsule coffee machine, pertly in fact because they are so well marketed and are within the budget of the average home owner.

That being said, what is the right price for a commercial coffee machine? We’ve broken it down by coffee machine type – to make your selection just that little bit easier.

Cost of Home Coffee Machines

While we said that capsule machines are most popular for the home setup, because of their price and availability, you’d be hard-pressed to find a machine cheaper than a regular, commercial filter coffee machine. The typical price range for a filter coffee machine from a retailer starts from R 350.00 – and for more advanced filter-type coffee machines up to R 900.00

The next type of popular coffee machine is of course the capsule type; depending on whether you choose a name-brand machine, or you opt for a lesser known machine, you could pay as little as R 1 000.00 for a machine all the way through to R 4 500.00 for the advanced capsule systems with milk frothing features.

Bean to cup machines for home have become more and more accessible lately; the way these machines have become more affordable is the use of cheaper materials to build the machine. This is fine for home users, considering the daily usage will not be a strain on the components that would normally suffer in a high-usage environment. You could pay from R 8000.00 – R 15 000.00 for a home bean to cup automatic coffee machine.


Alternative Commercial Coffee Machines

If none of the above types of coffee machines appealed to you, there is always an alternative. Using sachets of speciality coffee, using a press-machine or even using a high quality instant coffee are far more affordable solutions to bringing coffee into your home.


It’s always a good idea to look out for specials on your favourite coffee machines- so keep an eye out for reduced prices and you might just walk away a winner.


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