Best Capsule Coffee Machine

Best Capsule Coffee Machine

We have tasted our fair bit of capsule coffee over the past few years. Capsule coffee machines are popping up left right and centre these days. But are there any differences between them? We think so!

Capsule coffee machines are dominated by Nespresso worldwide. Not many companies have managed to compare with their branding brilliance and financial muscle. Nespresso, interestingly enough, never took off first time round. It was only when they merged their coffee machines with the coffee drinking culture and luxury association that it really took flight.

When choosing the best capsule coffee machine on the market we recommend the following

Convenience of getting capsules – It is a huge help to have the option of getting capsules delivered to your door as opposed to running into a crowded shopping centre every time you are out of coffee

Price – Ignoring the price of the machines, the most important financial consideration by far is actually the price of the capsules.

Size – We have tasted countless capsules over the years and even in capsules – size does matter! From our experience an 8g coffee capsule is almost always far superior to its 5g counterpart

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