Best Coffee Machines for Cappuccinos in 2021

Raise your hand if you love a good cappuccino? You’re not alone. These magical drinks are enjoyed by people from all over the world, and during the time of lockdown, a lot of people were deprived from ordering their favourite cappuccino from the local barista. While it’s great to have a place to go to get your “old favourite”, with the uncertainty around a coronavirus vaccine, you don’t want to take a chance about having to miss out again if a hard lockdown looms. It can also be quite expensive to keep buying from the local coffee shop. So which coffee machines on the market are the best for making cappuccinos as an alternative?

The Joy of a Good Cappuccino

In case we haven’t fluffed up the joy of a good cappuccino enough for you, it’s worth mentioning that we weren’t joking about people enjoying it all over the world. According to the BBC, a staggering 800 million people enjoy drinking cappuccinos around the world, making it one of the most popular hot drinks on the market today. They are known for being able to be enjoyed anywhere, are great for social settings, and even allow you to get creative with various designs in the milk froth. What other drink allows so much joy in just a single cup?

Home Use: Jura F8

If you’re a home cappuccino drinker, you can’t go wrong with the Jura F8 TFT automatic coffee machine. This bean-to-cup machine allows you to use fresh milk (a major bonus considering others use milk powders) when you’re choosing the cappuccino option. The bulky machine is likely to be considered more suitable to offices, but as the price suggests, it’s one of the most affordable machines on the market in its range. Don’t forget that it makes two cups at the same time, which is ideal for when you’re having a friend over (even if just in a socially distanced manner). 

Small Office: Jura XS9

For a small office, the Jura XS9 might be a better bet to think about, as it has a little more firepower than the F8. This machine is geared to serve high volumes of people, and is renowned for delivering a consistent cup each and every time. We love its beautiful design and can vouch for its one touch cappuccinos thanks to personal experience. Having been placed in over 5000 offices already, this particular model shines in the business environment for its large water tank and grounds container, which means that irrespective of heavy use, nobody has to be responsible for filling it up a couple of times a day. 

Think Big: Aqua Bean Coffee Vending Machine

If you’ve read our articles before, you know we love a good wildcard option in our guides to ensure we give you all the options available. An “out of the box” coffee machine for consistent and delicious cappuccinos to consider as well is the Aqua Bean Coffee Vending Machine. Typically used for offices, this machine works because it offers a wide variety of drink choices, including hot chocolate, espresso and of course cappuccinos. We love this machine because it is simple to operate and it delivers what you ask for in a speedy fashion. There’s no better machine to help deliver delicious cappuccinos whether you’re having the whole family over, gearing for a day in bed with a great book, or if you just need a pick-me-up after a long week. 

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