The Top 10 Best Rated Coffee Vending Machines

Best Rated Coffee Vending Machines: Top 10

The Top 10 Best Rated Coffee Vending Machines – Reviewed

We live in a world of competition. Every second headline guarantees “the best results” by “market leaders”, “experts” and them being “leaders in the industry”. But in a time where we have our heads filled with consumerism, less-for-more and quantity over quality- it’s nice to know someone really has your back and would want the best for you. This is my aim for this read: let’s see together what the real industry leaders have to offer in terms of highly rated coffee machines.

Franke Pura Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Franke Pura

At first glance, this is undoubtedly an aesthetically pleasing machine. But you’re not buying a coffee machine just for its looks, right? Fortunately, this machine’s good looks are on-par with its performance and capabilities. What’s it good for? High-end and medium-to-large sized spaces, such as offices and canteens. If product quality holds any bearing on you, you can rest assured this Bean to Cup coffee machine will satisfy. It contains state-of-the-art component technology, with the likes of an unprecedented powder mixing chamber, dubbed “Twist & Taste” technology. Considering the above, if you have a larger space that requires above 150 cups of coffee per day, have limited funds (machines like this usually carry a considerable price tag, even if taken out on a contract) or if you form part of a small team and cannot use this beast to its optimum, it’s better to look at a more cost effective option. Also, let’s not buy this for the home (unless you have a coffee-crazed family who can drink 150 cups a day, and stay healthy!) Who recommends it? Take a guess… Quick… Time’s up. The Franke Pura Bean to Cup Coffee Machine holds the prestigious title of being chosen to be the preferred supplier to McDonald’s restaurants. How amazing is that? The world’s largest fast food outlet has chosen this machine. Silent endorsements speak the loudest. Looking at you, corner coffee shop and other chain store!

WMF 8000 S Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

WMF 800

Another good looking piece of work here. Rivalling the output of the Franke Pura Bean to Cup Coffee Machine in excess of 200 cups, the WMF may not hold the ranking of being the preferred supplier to McDonald’s restaurants, but it’s alluring looks, outstanding output and quality stamp are hard to ignore. Special features and innovative design are important, but are ultimately luxury additions. Your inner Barista has fallen in love already, and I can’t blame you. The blends you can make up with this machine are something out of a fairy-tale. But let’s look at this as a whole: Unless you are a well-established coffee house that has the necessary space for this machine, can fulfil and utilise it’s great output amount (remember, that’s up to 350 cups a day) and have the need to have a machine that can run a high turnover of product, then rather consider downscaling. Your smaller shops, gas stations and restaurants may struggle to afford and utilise this machine to its highest optimisation.

Necta Koro MAX ES Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

necta koromax

Italian-designed ANYTHING is good to have, and even better to look at. Here, we can start looking at the smaller spaces and areas you wish to occupy with quality coffee-machinery. Making use of only one hopper (design costs already slashed, resulting in a better price range for you), this machine still uses coffee beans (equates directly to the taste and quality of the coffee itself), combined with powdered milk and powdered hot chocolates, make this the perfectly cost-effective-quality hybrid you could imagine. Boardrooms, reception area’s with low to medium foot traffic and offices with a smaller group of employees should have a look at considering this. If you are more interested in a variety of beverage options, pedantic about the aesthetic of your machine or if you have a larger output requirement, perhaps scroll back up and look at the other reviewed options.

Flavia Barista Coffee Machine

flavia barista

Wow, if coffee machines could enter beauty pageants, I’m pretty sure the Flavia Barista Coffee Machine would win Miss Universe. Touch screen design, single-serve, customisable technology and an eco-friendly guarantee undertaken by the manufacturer will not only appeal to those who have concern about the state of our environment, but also those who appreciate modern technology, aesthetic design, elegance and luxury functionality. Coming in a bit bulky at 35kg’s, consider the space you would need to operate this machine as well as what you really need from it before making a decision. A prestigious IT or investment company with a welcoming area for high-end clients may want to consider this coffee machine; gas stations, boardrooms and staff kitchens –  maybe not so much. If you are looking for plain, straight-up coffee, this option may be a little too extensive for you.

Rhea Vendor Coffee Machines

Coffee Vending Mzchine Price

Rhea Vendors offers end-to-end solutions, and because time is of the essence, let me break this up into categories, as set out below.

a)      Best for Smaller Spaces

  • The LIO 2C is an instant vending solution, coming in at a featherweight level of only 15kg’s. Easy-to-use, low costing and small dimensions are the perfect mixture for your small office space area. If you are looking to impress and produce top-quality, café-style coffee’s, this may not be your first choice, though.
  • XX Micro is a chic little machine, best suited for bars, medium sized hotels or B&B’s, or if you want, even your home. It is easily maintained and relatively small in stature. Larger chain hotels or restaurants may not want to limit themselves to such a small machine, as they would need much more variety, higher product quality and increased output.
  • XX OC, a little table top solution dispenses a variety of instant beverages, and has been designed to be the smallest table-top unit in the range. Perfect for home use!
  • Barista Table-Top: This little machine looks like the future! A great choice bars, offices, shops and meeting rooms (on the smaller scale). Using coffee beans ensures superior taste and quality. Not your best option for larger areas or if you are looking for wider variety or speciality beverages.

b)      Best for Larger Spaces

  • Grandezza. It’s in the name. GRAND. Hello, entry-level, high-end instant coffee vending machine! Medium to large hotels and public-traffic areas would love this option. Yes, the quality of the product is not of the absolute highest, but it’s easy-to-use layout, clean-cut design and dispensing options may interest you. If you are the Hilton or Maslow, perhaps something a bit more aesthetically pleasing would suit your needs better.
  • Horeca Large 6P: If you want choices, no need to choose or even look further. This machine offers many beverage options, as well as (and pardon me, but I have never heard of this before) a jug filling option. Want to take some hot chocolate to your desk cluster and lift their spirits? This is a good choice! However, if you want top-quality coffee product, you may want to consider another option. This is more for convenience than top-quality.
  • Horeca Large 380: The big brother. This coffee machine is a perfect solution for hotels; large volume traffic areas and once-off users will find this machine delightful. Also holding the capability to dispense in jugs, reconsider if you are concerned about your product consumption and abuse thereof.
  • CINO XS Grande Pro VHO spells out quality. Not literally, but you know what I mean. Detachable bean hoppers mean you get the freshest possible brew whenever you use it. Pleasing on the eye, not too bulky in size and one-touch simplicity mean that this machine (in my opinion) is suited to anyone: It satisfies the need for high quality coffee, variety, space -saving and consumable control. You decide though.
  • CINO EC and CINO XS Grande: Table top solutions for larger needs. Ergonomic and good-looking design with a high capacity for output. Vending options allow variety. Much larger in size than other table-top machines, so this will always be better suited to larger areas.
  • Free-standing coffee machines will never be well suited to small areas; if you are looking for a beverage vending solution. They do undoubtedly take up a lot of space, but in some instances, you can use these as pause-area “awkward relievers”/ Yep, the unofficially double-up as talking points! Place any of these machines in an open space and watch how happy staff fills it.

Bianchi Lei

bianchi lei

The LEI700 TOUCH is what dreams are made of. I can vouch for this because I’m pretty sure I’ve dreamt of a machine this spectacular once or twice in my lifetime. Just looking at it, you feel an heir of quality about it. Interactive touch-screen display, beautiful design and layout, easy-to-use and a vending capacity of 700 (yep, seven-hundred) cups, your chain hotel, restaurant, coffee shop or canteen will love you for this decision! Your home, small office or waiting area, however, will not.

Azkoyen Zen Coffee Machine

Zen Coffee Machine

Zen. Ohmmmm, ohmmmmm. The sound of meditation pales in comparison to the feeling you get just looking at these gems.

  • The Zen Range

Smaller sizing already makes this a considered option for offices and boardrooms etc., but the allure really lies in its aesthetic and functionality. Enjoy genuine espressos, your specialised drinks and the ease of producing one with one touch. If you are not interested in design, variety and a full range solution for large spaces, and are not willing to commit to the maintenance of this machine, carry on looking.

  • Zensia

Free standing, great-looking and beyond technologically innovative. Customisable functionality, easy maintenance and cleaning requirements in addition to its sleek design allow this to be your dream come true for entertainment areas, waiting areas and anywhere you would like to make the right impression.

Selecta Coffee Machines:

selecta coffee machiens

Ferrara: Table top totality. A beautiful design coupled with the finest ingredients is a recipe for success. A fail-proof one at that. As usual, touch screen simplicity and ease-of use mean that this stunner should not be hidden behind kitchen walls, rather have it out in the open for visitors to use. It goes without saying this option should be avoided for small-scale users, or those who prefer their coffee plain.

Coffee Queen Excellence

coffee queen excellence

Ultra-modern, cutting edge and artistic design catches your eye first. But, what about the following: jug facility, 12 various beverage options, 4 varied hoppers, optional base cabinet with storage and large waste bin, filtered chilled water (with or without carbonic acid) – say whaaaaat?! Art studios, high-end retailers- those who want to make a lasting impression should, themselves, be impressed enough to not look any further. 350 cups per day general average means you will satisfy many a caffeine craving with no effort at all. Make it a point of attraction , don’t hide it! It goes without saying this is your high-end, budget-free solution and will definitely not be suited for small scale or home use.

Whether your priority lies in taste, quality, efficiency, cost-control, aesthetic or functionality, the machines mentioned above are amongst the best available on the market. I wonder who will be the magician who is able to combine all of these machines into a one-stop, multi-functional and cost effective, good looking wonder-machine? Dibs on that idea. Enjoy!


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