Bravilor Bonamat Coffee Machines

Bravilor Bonamat – One of the Leading Coffee Machine Manufacturers in the World.

Bravilor Bonamat has been an authority in the field of filter coffee systems for more than sixty-five years and for many years the European market leader in this sector. With an extensive range of filter equipment, innovative instant and fresh brew machines, machines for hot and cold water and various accessories Bravilor Bonamat offers the right beverage preparation system for every location and situation.

Bravilor Bonamat specialises in the following machine categories.

Machines for instant ingredients: These are vending coffee machines which use all instant ingredients. Some popular machine names include the following:

  • Quinto
  • Bolero
  • Solo

Fresh Brew Machines: These are vending coffee machines which use filter coffee instead of instant coffee to produce your final drink beverages. Some popular machine names include the following:

  • FreshOne
  • FreshMore
  • FreshGround

Espresso Machines: These are espresso machines which are Brevilor’s newest coffee vending machines which are bean to cup machines. They come in 4 different models and are called the following:

  • Espresious 11
  • Espresious 12
  • Espresious 21
  • Espresious 22

Filter Coffee Machines: Filter coffee machines are what made Bravilor Bonamat famous worldwide. The most popular of these and the newest in the range is called the Bravilor Novo

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