Bravilor Bonomat Esprecious 21 Automatic Coffee Machine

Bravilor Bonomat Esprecious 21 Automatic Coffee Machine

Discover the barista in you! With the Esprecious automatic coffee machine you can prepare exceptional espresso and other hot drinks just like the barista professional, using freshly ground beans. This performance Esprecious espresso coffee machine is made from only the strongest and most durable materials to last even the most hardened office environment.

Perfect espresso and other coffee specialities

In addition to a perfect cup of coffee, the Esprecious offers than being a comprehensive, yet compact espresso machine. The interactive touchscreen is not only an eye-catcher, but features many customisable options. Including full colour graphical branding opportunities to give you the possibility to create a truly unique machine – in fact a marketing tool of its own. The LED lighting around the display can be set to any RGB colour, ensuring that the Esprecious suits any interior.

The Esprecious 21 has two grinders, a divided bean canister and one canister for instant ingredients. The divided bean canister makes it possible to offer a perfect espresso with Arabica beans and a perfect cup of coffee with Robusta beans. You can set each grinder as you’d like, coarsely or finely ground. The large canister (over 3 L) for instant ingredients can be filled with topping for coffee flavours such as cappuccino and latte*. However, you can also fill this canister with your own preferred premix.

*Only applicable if topping is used as instant ingredient.



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