Bravilor Quinto 422

Bravilor Quinto 422 – Reviewed

Bravilor Quinto 422 – Coffee Vending Machine Reviewed (Aqua Instant Coffee Vending Machine)

The Bravilor Quinto 422 – also known as the Aqua Instant Coffee Vending machine – has been our best-selling coffee vending machine for some time now. When we went on a search for the perfect office coffee vending machine, we tried many makes and models – and then we found it; what we believe is the best instant coffee vending machine, for various reasons.

The Bravilor Quinto looks good, is relatively compact, and is probably the most reliable coffee machine in our stable. The one button cleaning function, coupled with its ease of programming, makes it the ideal coffee machine.

The Bravilor Quinto has 4 canisters allowing it to store sugar, coffee, milk and hot chocolate. Sugar inside an instant vending machine is particularly useful for the South African market, where sugar theft and over-usage is a serious problem.

The Bravilor Quinto also has built-in exhaust valves to ensure the steam created form the production of the beverages doesn’t feed back up into the canisters – thereby preventing sticking and clogging of your coffee product.

The Bravilor Qunito 422 is incredibly easy to use – which is why it has become a staple office favorite.

Bravilor Quinto 422 Pricing

While Bravilor is usually imported by larger re-sellers, pricing is generally regulated.
The general retail price for outright purchase is around R 21, 500 excluding VAT.
We always encourage first-time users to try a coffee machine out prior to making any type of binding commitment. Take advantage of this offer by filling out the form below. Rentals for this coffee vending machine can range between R 390.00 – R 1650.00 per month (depending on the type of contract you opt for). Head on over here for a full range of pricing plans.

Bravilor Quinto 422 Video Reviews and Demonstrations

It’s all fair and well to have endless written reviews, but sometimes a video review can offer a deeper insight into a coffee machine than some wording ever could.
Watch our video reviews below.





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