Can a Coffee Vending Machine Save a Company Money?

Can a Coffee Vending Machine Save a Company Money?

If there was ever an environment or place in which a coffee vending machine was destined to thrive, South Africa was it! Coffee Vending Machines are typically synonymous with petrol stations and public places such as airports and train stations, but what about companies?

Our customers kept on asking us this question, why not a vending machine for us ; and we kept on answering – “Super-automatic fresh milk cappuccino machines are the only machines for an office environment”. How wrong we were! Not to say that there isn’t a place for fresh milk cappuccino machines, but there is certainly also a massive need and place for hassle free, ease of use coffee vending machines.

Coffee Vending Machines give a number of advantages which no other office machines give:

  • Portion control – No more double or triple scooping the coffee ; A coffee vending machine puts exactly what is needed in the cup
  • Milk control – Too often in offices people use milk for cereal, protein shakes and who knows whats else ;coffee vending machines prevent this from ever happening
  • Sugar Usage- This is where a coffee vending machine solves a very South African problem! We once saw a person using 8 scoops of sugar in a single cup. Impossible with a vending machine
  • Hygiene- No fresh milk means no yellow or green 2 week old milk build up and no throwing away of old smelly milk

Installing a coffee vending machine saves some companies between R 100.00 and R 15,000.00 per month, from our experience. Imagine boosting the staff morale with creamy cappuccinos whilst cutting back on your consumables spend. If there ever was a WIN-WIN in business coffee vending machines are it!

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