Capsule coffee machines in South Africa

Capsule coffee machines in South Africa

Capsule coffee machines in South Africa

South Africans love their coffees, and when it comes to capsule coffee machines in South Africa, they know exactly what they want out of their coffee machines. With the advent of more and more domestic coffee machines, the competition in the market has driven prices down so much that many more consumers can now afford to buy their own professional and commercial grade equipment.

However, there are certain aspects to keep in mind when looking for your perfect capsule coffee machine. Just as the most expensive machine might not be the best suited machine for you, the least expensive may not be either. There are various things to keep in mind when looking to invest in a coffee machine for your home or business.

Things to consider when buying a capsule coffee machine

Here is a list of things to keep in mind when looking to buy a capsule coffee machine:

  • Bar pressure: This important aspect should not be ignored when searching for your capsule coffee machine. An adequate bar presser within the machine is extremely important for the creation of a delicious brew. Having a good bar pressure will ensure that the steam hits the coffee granules at just the correct speed. If the pressure is too slow it could result in a bitter tasting coffee.
  • Thermoblock: The thermoblock is responsible for heating up the water to roughly around 90C with the use of a pump. In the interest of achieving a deliciously flavoured coffee, the machine’s thermoblock has to be set to not overheat the water. Some capsule coffee makers come with a thermoblock system dedicated to frothing milk which reaches a certain temperature.
  • Valve: Most coffee makers come equipped with a mechanical valve that manages water flow. The higher end machines are equipped with solenoid valves which increases water pressure where the water meats the granules, then automatically switches off after the extraction is completed.

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