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Chaywa Coffee Vending Machine Overview

Chaywa Coffee Vending Machine Overview:

Chaywa has gained immense popularity within South Africa over the past few years (since 2008 to be exact); it is run and operated by Coca-Cola. This already assures you of its quality stamp as well as the fact you are pretty much guaranteed after-sales support. As a fore-warning (for back of a letter word) – Chaywa for the most part rents machines out and the terms of the rental often stipulate that you must commit to a certain amount of the Chaywa product. There are other deals which exist but this type of deal structure is by far the most popular. Having said that, signing on to stock Chaywa carries a quality guarantee in terms of the carrier brand. Chances are you are already accustomed to the Chaywa product and know and love their coffee, but not the machines-behind-the-scenes, so let me have the privilege of introducing you.

Armonia LM Coffee Vending Machine:chaywa vending machine

Containing a waste drain (suggested and mostly opted for with self-service machines) as well as a fridge, this all-in-one little box of magic also only stands 72cm high. Compact, stylish and bearing a 650g capacity hopper- the additional fridge may tickle your fancy if you have a dual purpose area that requires simultaneous availability of hot and cold beverages.

Armonia Easy Coffee Vending Machine:

The little solution to big problems; get your caffeine fix in either 250ml or 350ml sizes in variants of Espresso, White Coffee, Black Coffee, Cappucino, Chocochino and Hot Chocolate. This plumbed-in unit stands a meagre 72cm high (although it is suggested that the area above the machine remains cleared and free for a minimum of 5cm, but is suggested to remain completely free).

Bianchi Gaia Coffee Vending Machine:Chaywa coffee cup

Slightly restricted in terms of cup size output, Bianchi can deliver only 250ml cups, but, it does have a hopper capacity of 800g, considerably higher than the rest. It also stands a teeny-weeny height of 65cm! Ultra-modern looking, this attractive little thing may suit minimal traffic area’s that require an easy-to-use machine that does not require a high running cost.

Bianchi BVM Coffee Vending Machine:

The older, hotter sister. Vending restrictions are 225ml cups, but in conjunction with a hopper capacity of 3.5kg’s, you won’t need to worry about filling up the beans all too often. Standing at an impressive 1.8m tall, this machine commands attention and might be better suited to your larger complements, perhaps such as movie theatres, conference rooms or larger corporates. Serving an impressive variety of Espresso, White Coffee, Black Coffee, Cappuccino, Chococino and Hot Chocolate, you’re pretty much guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s caffeine requirements.

Carimali F22 Fresh Milk Vending Machine:

If you’re looking here, you’re looking goooood. Top of the range in case you were wondering. You can choose to have your machine dispense 250ml or 350ml, or 350ml and 450ml sized cups. These machines are usually at selected service stations and hold a hopper capacity of 1.3kg’s. It stands 72cm high and it’s width is the only space-consuming portion of the machine. It also has a fridge and thus, simply makes life easier.

If you are looking for conventional vending solutions, let this be your disclaimer and alert that you are not looking in the right place.  Chaywa is modern, mobile and worlds apart from  your entry level instant coffee vending machines. The word Chaywa itself directly translates into “tea or coffee”. There ya have it 🙂

Please note: Chaywa is not a brand of Aquaspresso or affiliated to Aquaspresso in any way and ll thoughts are opinions expressed. Care has been taken to ensure all information which is not opinion based is correct.


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