How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Cup [Infographic]

How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Cup [Infographic]


For many people, the day doesn’t start until they’ve had that morning cup of coffee. But consider this: what you drink your coffee from is just as important as the type of coffee you drink.


The type of cup that’s best for you will depend on where you want to enjoy your coffee and your environmental impact.  While paper, Styrofoam and plastic cups are convenient and cheap, they are impossible to recycle and have unhealthy side effects. Double-walled metal cups are great for traveling, as they keep coffee hot and have lids.

Demitasse mugs (in porcelain and ceramic) also keep coffee hot, but don’t hold much. Traditional mugs hold 2 to 3 times more than demitasse mugs and are great for home or work.

This infographic  breaks down the different types of cups, as well as many other fun facts about coffee, including different types of beans, the origins of coffee and unique coffee flavors.




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