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How To Choose The Right Coffee Machine in 2020

How To Choose The Right Coffee Machine in 2020

Choices, choices. Life is full of so many choices! When you’re buying a new coffee machine for home or the office, there are many brands and products for you to consider. So how do you know where to start? Today, we’ll discuss some of the qualities of a good coffee machine, which should help to put you on your way. We’ll also touch on the factors to keep in mind when buying for home use vs. the workplace, which can be two very different scenarios. 

The Qualities of a Good Coffee Machine

A good quality machine tends to have a decent warranty in place, so this is one of the first things you can ask the sales consultant about. The maintenance guide should be clearly set out in the manual (don’t be shy to ask to see this while you’re in the store) and generally, the machine should be sturdy even when moving it between surfaces. It also comes down to the actual coffee making process too of course, and while more “bells and whistles” don’t necessarily mean a higher quality product, machines do tend to get more expensive the more they are able to do. Ask friends for their recommendations for brands first, do some research for online reviews related to a specific model you have in mind, and cover your bases before you buy. 

Choosing the right coffee machine for home use involves asking yourself a couple of questions. How often will the machine be used? How many people in the house drink coffee? Does anyone have any speciality drinks they enjoy? What will be most practical considering the ages of the people living in the house? If you factor in that you may replace your machine each two to three years, you want to be mindful of the immediate needs of the members of the family. Going practical might save you a buck or two, but it could also mean a longer struggle over the next few years. Investing in a machine that is geared towards your lifestyle can make all the difference in the world. 

Office Use

When it comes to the office, a similar philosophy applies, albeit that you’re unlikely to be able to please everyone in an environment usually containing far more people than a home setup. Consider the coffee habits of your staff, and remember that you’ll need to factor in that the machine will be used far more times in a day than a home machine is. Also keep in mind how much it will cost to maintain the machine, and to provide the correct products (capsules or sachets) for some of the other drink choices you may want to be able to offer guests and visitors. Lastly, make sure you have someone in the office who can manage the maintenance problem, and possibly brew the first pot in the morning.

A Solution That Covers Both

Now that you know how to go about choosing a coffee machine this year, you can start your search with Aquaspresso. They’re essentially a solution that covers you for home or office use, and they go above and beyond by providing rental options too. Renowned for providing excellent products and for their continual leaning towards innovation and future design, the team at Aquaspresso is always on hand to give you the best advice possible. 

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