Ciro Solo Comfort Fresh Milk

CIRO Solo Comfort Professional Fresh Milk Review

CIRO Solo Comfort Professional Fresh Milk Review

Premium quality coffee on demand, with the option of milk and hot chocolate based drinks, with this one-touch capsule machine compatible with Lavazza BLUE® espresso single capsules.

Make cappuccinos, lattes as well as hot chocolate and more premium quality coffee on demand with this one-touch capsule machine compatible with Lavazza BLUE® espresso single capsules, with the option of hot chocolate based drinks. Ideal for use in your home or office.

An espresso capsule machine that is sleek, compact and fast; extending the coffee experience with hot chocolate and mochaccino functionality made with fresh milk.

With an energy-saving mode and advanced pre-infusion technology, this machine is ideal for either home, small offices or in select hospitality in-room environments. An easy one-touch system that provides consistent in-cup quality and is compatible with Lavazza BLUE® espresso single capsules only.

Drink selections include: espresso or lungo, americano, cappuccino, lattes, mochaccinos and hot chocolate. No plumbing is required for this machine, as a water tank is included, and also includes a canister for hot chocolate (yes please!)

CIRO Comfort Pro Milk Specifications

  • Brewing time: Approx. 80 seconds, with slight deviations in brew time dependant on the different coffee varieties
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Capacity: 2.7 litres
  • Power: 2 000W
  • Hot Chocolate Capacity: 500g
  • Dimensions: 24 cm  x 30 cm  x 43 cm (w x h x d)

CIRO Comfort Pro Fresh Milk Overview

While we can surely all agree that there has previously been little place for a capsule coffee machine in the work environment, the Comfort Pro Fresh Milk is a real game changer. Why do we say this?

Firstly – the fact that the machine is only R5 051.00 (from CIRO) is a huge advantage. The machine is great for small to medium offices who want the luxury of Lavazza coffee without the typically associated price tag.

Next up and almost tied in first place with the price tag is the fresh milk capability. Yes, milk storage might be a slight extra cost if you opt to add-on the WAECO milk fridge (read more about that here). But other than the optional extra cost of a milk chilling fridge, you are now able to satisfy the tastes of even the pickiest coffee drinker by having freshly frothed milk added to your favourite coffee drinks.

And if that’s not enough – there hot chocolate canister means you now have access to every hot drink you could ant (barring tea).
The Solo Comfort Pro is a sizeable machine with a water tank similar in size to some of the best Jura coffee machines around – at 2.7 litres, and a hot chocolate canister of 500g.

Aesthetically, this is one of the most advanced capsule coffee makers around, evident in its design. The easy to use selection menu is formatted into six pre-set drink selections,. With a stainless tell central and height-adjustable spout. The chocolate canister is neatly located toward the top of the machine so as the maintain the modern design, and the Solo Comfort Pro Fresh Milk looks more like a traditional bean to cup coffee machine than anything else.

All the good being said, it’s important to remember that the cost of capsules daily for anything more than about 10 users may start to hike the monthly coffee spend quite a bit. Also, while capsules are exponentially better than instant coffee, they still do not measure up the freshness of freshly ground beans.

This machine would suit the needs of a small to medium sized office with coffee drinkers, cappuccino lovers and hot chocolate guzzlers.

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