Coffee Bean and Coffee Capsules

Coffee Bean and Coffee Capsules

Coffee Bean and Coffee Capsules

There have been plenty of heated debates between coffee aficionados about coffee beans and capsules, and which one makes for better coffee. The main consideration between the two is the lifestyles of the coffee drinkers.

Coffee capsule machines are ideal for individuals who always find themselves in a rush. This is because coffee capsules are pre-packed filters which can simply be dropped into the machine. Thanks to advanced technology, the Jura coffee machine will be able to read a barcode on the packet, and produce a delicious brew of coffee to industry standards.

Another benefit of going with coffee capsules is that their machines always pour the correct amount of coffee into each cup. Newer capsule machines now also come with the feature of making different types of coffees, such as cappuccinos and espressos, among others.

Coffee beans are best suited at individuals who don’t mind waiting for a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Because it takes time to brew a fresh batch of coffee, individuals who are pressed for time may not take well to coffee beans. However bean to cup machines come with automatic brewing and self-cleaning features which makes it extremely convenient to use.

Tips to select best coffee beans and capsules

  • Know which strength you prefer – there are many different coffee beans and capsules offering varying tastes
  • Dark roast beans have less caffeine than light roast beans – choose according to taste
  • Pick according to your budget – if you are buying a Jura coffee machine for a large company, you may want to select coffee beans and capsules according to their prices and the quantities you will need each month

How Aquaspresso can help you?

Aquaspresso has a large range of fantastic coffee beans and capsules, with many domestic and commercial Jura coffee machines. Jura coffee machines are famous for their user friendly operation and quality and design. The Aquaspresso range of capsule coffee machines and coffee beans cater for all levels of coffee drinkers and aficionados.

Aquaspresso is also the distributor of the full range Café Cagliari capsule and bean to cup coffee selections, catering to all levels of coffee drinkers. Their more popular range of Gran Caffe is now available directly to the South African consumer market. Packaged in 500g and 1000g, this delicately balanced coffee continues to be one of the hallmarks of Café Cagliari. 

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