Coffee Machine Rentals: 7 Things to consider when renting a coffee machine

Coffee Machine Rentals: 7 Things to consider when renting a coffee machine

You’ve decided to take the plunge! You’ve decided that you can no longer tolerate instant coffee and it’s time to get a coffee machine – Good for you!

You’ve looked at coffee machine prices and had to double check how many zeros were on the quote. Wow that’s a lot of zeros, you’re thinking! So you look at what seems to be the next best option. Renting! Renting a coffee machine can be either the worst or best decision you are ever likely to make (at least in terms of coffee). Here’s a list to help you make sure that it’s the latter.

  1. Rental Term – Try to ensure that the rental term is as short as possible (preferably a month to month). The last thing you want to do is to rent a machine, thinking that everyone is going to love the coffee and coffee machine, just to find out that your staff find the coffee too bitter, the machine too difficult to use and the coffee machine supplier incapable of giving the required service – and on top if it all that you have 35 months left to go on your contract!
  2. Price – This one might seem obvious but can be misleading. The lower the price, the better of course, but make sure what is and what isn’t included in that price
  3. Option to Change Coffee Machines– Coffee is a very personal thing. What might be great for one company might be terrible for another. You want to go into a rental knowing that if your initial coffee machine solution doesn’t work for you, then you are able to swop to a different solution which better suits your needs
  4. Servicing and maintenance – One of the best things about renting is free servicing and maintenance. Try make sure that this is included in your rental price
  5. One supplier – Ideally you want to rent your coffee machine from the same supplier that supplies you with all your coffee consumables. Having different suppliers for these two components, creates potential for either supplier blaming each other for the poor tasting coffee or ill working machine
  6. Brand Agnostic – Try renting your coffee machine from a supplier which is not brand specific. When a coffee machine supplier offers you a variety of brands, they are more likely to supply you with the correct coffee machine rental solution as opposed to the only solution which they have
  7. Testimonials – The last measure, to ensure peace of mind, is testimonials. Try get proof that other companies are currently as happy as you are promised to be.

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