How a Coffee Machine Saves You Money?

How a Coffee Machine Saves You Money?

If a cup of coffee is the only way you can start your day then you may want to consider buying a coffee machine for home and becoming an in-house barista. That coffee habit eventually adds up but you can avoid this. The machines of today have numerous delicious flavour pods and beans to choose from, are easy to use and clean, come at a range of prices and sizes and let you customise your drink. These machines even let you save money. Here is how: 

They let you save time and time is money

Yes, stopping on your way to work to buy your pick-me-up drink costs you money but it also costs you time. As the age-old saying goes, time is money. Even if you are spending a minimum of ten minutes a day running into a shop to get your coffee then by the end of the week you have spent 70 minutes and the end of the month you have spent 280 minutes on this habit. One of the most limited resources of today is time and trying to manage family, work and more within a 24-hour period is no small task. Those ten minutes, and for many, it’s more than that, could be used for one extra snooze of the alarm clock, beating the traffic, spending a little extra time with the family or quick exercise. A coffee machine at home lets you push a button and have your coffee in the convenience of your own home and quickly while you prepare your lunch. So, what may seem like a slight detour to a coffee shop or a quick stop on the way, can be time better used elsewhere. 

They prevent unnecessary buying

When you visit a coffee shop to grab that coffee, is that all you are really grabbing? For many people, being in a coffee shop and smelling the delicious pastries or seeing something yummy at the till means an additional purchase that they never intended on making. What was meant to only be a coffee turns into a larger purchase and the shops are designed in such a way to make you want to buy more. They want the up-sale and these small extra purchases add up and quickly. If you fall in the category of getting a larger coffee than needed or adding those items to your morning bill that you had no intention of purchasing then a coffee machine at home can save you money and help you avoid temptation. 

They save you money per cup

Let’s look at what your coffee is costing you. According to research at the most popular South African coffee shops, an Americano can cost you roughly between R18 and R38, Café Lattes between R20 and R33, Cappuccinos between R20 and R33 and Expressos between R13 to R21. You may be paying even more if you want a premium product. But your own personal coffee machine can give you a delicious drink for cheaper per cup. A 250g bag of coffee beans can start at R60 and a premium bag can cost you R380. You can get approximately 30 cups of single-shot coffee from this bag. Even if you only get 25 cups of coffee from your bag and you spend R100 on your coffee beans then you only spend R4 per cup. If you prefer pods, then you can purchase a 100 Nescafe pods for R240.00 on special. This works out to R2.49 per cup. Of course, you may want to add in your milk, sugar or sweetener, depending on your preferences, but this still works out to less money spent per cup.

What about the cost of the coffee machine? Coffee machine prices range but you can buy a machine for as little as R699 and there are numerous online specials or second-hand options available. The price of this machine is an investment that will be divided into hundreds of cups of coffee. At least your money spent on a machine goes into your home, can be used by all your roommates or family members and if you decide, can be partially recouped by selling it at a later stage. 

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