Why Do Coffee Machines Make Noise

Why Do Coffee Machines Make Noise?

Why Do Coffee Machines Make Noise?

Coffee machines are one of the most convenient and luxurious items a person can have in their home or their office. But the noise that a typical automatic coffee machine makes can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when it is in a closed, small area such as a boardroom or training room. Why exactly do coffee machines make so much noise though?

Coffee Machine Grinders

The heading says it all; the culprit for the cause of loud coffee preparation from automatic coffee machines is entirely because of the internal coffee bean grinder. See, the machine needs to take the bean from its whole form all the way through to finely ground in a matter of seconds.
While some high-end coffee machine manufacturers use superior materials to design their grinders, other may use cheaper products to compile the grinder. It is typically the cheaper grinder types that make more noise, and sadly there is little we can do to stop or prevent this type of noise.


Another aspect of noise creation from coffee machines is the boiler heating up. While it is not as poignant a noise as the grinder, it is still noticeable. It may emanate as a slight buzzing noise, and again – as it is an integral part of the machines inner workings – it is something we will just need to deal with.


If you are looking to completely eliminate noise, your best bet would be to move the machine out of the area you wish to be quiet, and perhaps place a filter coffee machine in its place instead.

Filter coffee machines make literally zero noise, but you will still have access to the specialty coffees your automatic machine produces – just in another room.


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