Coffee Machines for Petrol Stations

Five minutes without a cuppa java feel like 5 hours? We fully understand! With the numbers on South African roads rising by the day, many petrol and service stations have thankfully kept up with their international counterparts by offering a state-of-the-art coffee offering.

Coffee machines in petrol stations in South Africa used to be limited to “boiling-over” urns and stale cookies, which tasted like they were baked on the day the petrol station first opened, but we are supplying, more and more, top of the range push button coffee vending machines to petrol stations in the most upmarket as well as the roughest of areas throughout Southern Africa.

For almost all petrol station it starts to make sense when they look at the numbers. Firstly, in order to make profit (and pay for their rental) they usually only need to sell a measly 5 cups per day. Secondly, and probably more importantly, people whose desperation for fuel happens to coincide with their desperation for a quick coffee fix almost always decide on their refuel destination, not on the brand of petrol, but rather on their brand coffee option – making that decision quite a costly one for the service station owner if they fail to appease this potential customers thirst.

How do you pick your petrol station? Does your thirst preference trump your vehicles? Do you or your car, get the final say?

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