Home coffee machines are divided into two main categories – Automatic Bean-to-Cup and Capsule Coffee Machines with both having benefits and disadvantages. It’s up to the home user to choose which type of machine best suits the usage at home.

Types of Home Coffee Machines

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

Bean-to-cup machines use beans and grind them down for each cup made. This makes for a freshly ground coffee experience from a myriad of espresso coffee beans on the market. Bean machines also have many more features than capsule machines but come at a price far higher. We specialise in a select few brands like Jura and Saeco.

Capsule Coffee Machines

Capsule coffee machines use sealed ground coffee, packaged in capsules which are punctured and then brewed through the capsule directly. The machines are generally much cheaper and typically have only a few features. The cheaper machine also means it’s more suited to the average user. Also, the cost of capsules, due to the their technology makes them more expensive per cup.

Aquaspresso Home Coffee Machines

There are many brands of both Bean-to-Cup and Capsule coffee machines on the market in South Africa and although we have quite extensive knowledge of most of these brands we only stock a hand-picked select number of them.

What Makes Us Different

Flexible Options

If you are renting a coffee machine from us and find that the machine is not a perfect fit for your needs, we will exchange your machine type to something better suited to your needs. We offer a broad range of coffee machines, and when suggesting a solution for your home, we will advise you about and offer you the best possible machine fit for you – regardless of brand.

Free Installation & Training

When installing your coffee machine, our technician will provide you with an in-depth training session, teaching you how to use your coffee machine and get the most out of it. We also regularly create original video content, which we add to our Learning Centre section on our website, where we provide an opportunity for you to learn about the world of coffee and coffee machines – whenever it suits you.

Maintenance & Technical Assistance

We believe that customer service is an end-to-end offering, so if you experience any technical issues with your coffee machine, feel free to give us a call and we will assist you in every way possible. All rented machines come with free maintenance, to cover you in case of a machine malfunction. If your machine fails to work, we will exchange it with a working one to ensure the least possible amount of downtime.

Wide Variety of Products

We offer various blends of coffee beans; single-origin Arabica beans, blends from different countries – and even all-African blend. Our filter coffee range also includes many options for different taste preferences. We also stock Caffitaly-compatible coffee capsules in an array of exciting flavours, where you’re sure to find a firm favourite.

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