Coffee Trends in 2019

Coffee Trends in 2019

Wow, people really love their coffee! So much so that the standard, everyday cup of coffee just isn’t doing the trick anymore. And as we get deeper into 2019, people are become increasingly braver with what they are putting into their mug in the morning. 

With that being said, let us take a look at the latest crazes in coffee and why people are actually trying them.

Bulletproof Coffee:

What is bulletproof coffee? 

It’s a hot beverage consisting of brewed coffee, grass-fed unsalted butter and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil.

I’m sure you are wondering why someone would put such peculiar yet specific ingredients into their morning cup of coffee…

Well, bulletproof coffee is said to kill your daily cravings and trigger weight loss in your body by encouraging ketosis. 

Ketosis is a metabolic state that sends your metabolism into full swing and as a result, burns body fat at a much faster rate than ordinary.

Despite the fact that this drink is said to work wonders for your body, it also tastes extraordinary and makes you feel sharper, more awake and energized throughout the entire day. 

Additionally, after a cup, you will feel relatively full as this heavy, high-fat beverage is known to suppress your appetite too.

Egg Coffee:

In Vietnam, sometime in the 1940s, there was a scarcity of fresh milk.

However, this was not a concern for Nguyen Giang the founder of  Café Giang and the creator of the egg coffee. 

One morning he was out of milk and decided he was going to whisk eggs and sweetened condensed milk until it resembled cake batter in order to use it as a substitute for milk. This risk paid off as, despite the noticeable smell and flavor of eggs, the taste of this beverage was sweet, super-creamy and lavish, similar to that of a ‘liquid tiramisu’. 

This beverage is enjoyed throughout Vietnam and Asia and is making an appearance in your local coffee shops too.  

Goth Latte:

So you know how black goes with everything? Well, people have taken that to mean that even their coffee can be black. 

And I don’t mean having coffee without milk or cream. I mean people are adding charcoal, black sesame seeds, and almond, soy or coconut oil to create a carbon-black cup of coffee. 

Why though? 

Charcoal is used as a treatment for reducing bloating and flatulence (and poisoning) and as a result, people are drinking it in their daily cups to try and reap the health benefits of this beverage. 

However, recent studies have warned that this drink may have side effects as charcoal is known for its ‘powers of absorption’. In some cases, it has absorbed medication making pills such as birth control ineffective

Lastly, it has also been associated with Coal Miners Lung and an inflamed colon.

In conclusion, next time you find yourself sitting down for breakfast, contemplating which drink on the menu catches your eye the most, think back to this article and give one of these crazy coffee trends a try!

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