Aqua Solo Hot Chocolate Machine

Aqua Solo Overview

The Aqua Solo Hot Chocolate machine is the newest machine in our stable and is perhaps our simplest in terms of operation and functionality. It does, as the name suggests, hot chocolate and hot chocolate alone. Automatic coffee machines unfortunately only do the full spectrum of coffee drinks without catering for the non coffee drinkers. The Aqua Solo Hot Chocolate Machine has arrived to fill this void left by coffee only coffee makers.

The Aqua Solo Hot Chocolate is designed for offices with one of the following intentions:

  • Enjoy a frothy hot chocolate drink at the touch of a button
  • Compliment their existing coffee machine with a hot chocolate offering
  • Bring hot chocolate into one’s company without installing a coffee machine
  • Canteens, Tuckshops and Restaurants wanting to increase their beverage offering
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Aqua Solo Review

Unfortunately no machine is perfect – we wish they were. Below we list the pros and cons of the Aqua Solo Hot Chocolate.

Aqua Solo Pros

  • Speed – The Aqua Solo, like the Aqua Instant, produces a frothy cup of hot chocolate in under 10 seconds.
  • Super Simple To Operate – There are only two buttons on the Aqua Hot Chocolate; one for Hot Chocolate and one for cleaning. Super easy.
  • Water Tank Size – The Aqua Solo comes either with a 21.8 litre water tank or can be plumbed into the water mains.
  • Large Capacity – The Aqua Solo is designed for large usage and has a storage capacity of 200 cups between fills (4kg capacity). The Aqua Chocolate also can produce hot chocolate at a speed of 240 cups per hour.

Aqua Solo Cons

  • No Fancy Lights or Screens – The Aqua Solo has many strong features but if you are after the best looking machine on the block, this probably isn’t the machine for you. There are no fancy screens or backlights on the machine.
  • No Cream – The Solo has a specialised whipper disk to make the hot chocolates frothy but it has no automatic options for adding whipped cream or fancy toppings which can leave the rich hot chococolate purists left wanting.
  • No Coffee – The Aqua Solo is super simple and only produces one type of hot chocolate. If one is after a selection of hot chocolates in one machine (white chocolate, Belgian chocolate, etc) then the Aqua Solo might not be the machine for you.

Aqua Solo Video Review & Demonstration