Espresto Coffee Machines – K-Fee Compatible Home Capsule Coffee Machines

Espresto Coffee Machines – K-Fee Compatible Home Capsule Coffee Machines

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Capsule coffee machines offer an undeniable luxury and add a certain quality of life to the home user. Why? It’s small, it’s super easy to use, it’s a relatively cheap coffee machine (you’d be hard-pressed to find a cheaper coffee solution, other than the French Press-type solution). You can thank me for the pun later 😉

What’s more – you can satisfy every coffee craving in your home with this one machine – cater to cappuccino lovers, Chai Latte lovers and even a discerning Espressolover. Really, what’s more comforting than the smell of coffee settling in the home? Not much!

We’ve seen some of the larger and more established brands expanding rapidly into this market. These brands have taken advantageof the huge need in the market for home coffee machines, and subsequently taken it to a whole new level. Capsule machines with integrated milk frothing systems, machines that awaken you with a freshly brewed cuppa – you name it – it’s out there. But the prices for these machines ranges upward of R 4000.00, as well!

But what about the budget-conscious consumer who wants nothing more than an affordable capsule coffee machine solution – without the huge price tag. Better than that – that same consumer wants speciality AND milk-drinks from the same machine – without taking a bank loan?

Espresto – that’s what! We review this budget-friendly capsule coffee machine to help you decide!

Espresto Capsule Coffee Machine

While there have been small strides in terms of aesthetic (the newest Espresto machine is the “Wave”) – the basics of this baby have stayed the same. The Espresto Preferanza is in no way a “wow” coffee machine – but similarly – it is in no way an unattractive machine!

Espresto Coffee Machine – Setting Up and How To Use It

There are three simple buttons presented on the front of the machine; one small cup, one large cup and a “rinse cycle” button.

Setting up your machine is quite easy, and makes use of the first two buttons (the cups.)

When setting up, press the “small cup” first. Once it has filled the container that you would like for it to “remember” as the small cup (this may be used for your Espresso’s, especially) – hold the button in until the machine stops dispensing. Your Espresto will remember this size until it is reset – meaning no accidental spillages or confusion at 04:30 when the craving gets you.

It works exactly the same for your “larger” cup. Remember to make sure you set it to an amount where – if you use milk – there is sufficient space above the fill line to top it off with milk.

The rinse button should really be used between cups – especially if you’re preparing two different-tasting drinks (like Chai Latte and Espresso) – so as not to corrupt the flavours.

We also suggest running between 3 – 4 rinse cycles on any capsule machine after a long period of not using it, as well as when you first receive it and set it up.

A good idea to help maintain your water system internally is to fill your water tank with purified water, and add about 50 – 100 ml of White Spirit Vinegar to ensure any build-up accumulated inside your machineis be cleaned out properly. Make sure you remove the vinegar-water and rinse through another 3-4 cycles of PURE, c lean water to remove any possible vinegar residue.

Espresto Capsule Machine – Capsule Options

If you are lucky enough to have some K-FEE coffee capsules from a friend overseas – a huge benefit is that the Espresto is compatible with this capsule system!

Otherwise, you can buy capsules online from Foghound, as well as at Woolworths!

The pricing is around R 110.00 for 16 capsules, and they come in this amazing array of flavours: h/t to Foghound for the lovely write-ups on each of the Espresto capsule flavours!


Espresto Coffee Machines Capsule Furioso

Slightly acerbic cocoa flavours, smooth, full body and rich aromas – it all characterises the Furioso. A strong espresso consisting of the best Arabica and Robusta beans.

Intensity 8/10


Espresto Coffee Machines Capsule Passionato

An intensive espresso with heavy roast notes and a rich bouquet of dark berry. The best Arabica beans and a trace of Robusta yield a typically fruity sweetness thanks to intensive roasting. Ideal for Latte Macchiato and Cappuccino coffee.

Intensity 7/10


Espresto Coffee Machines Capsule Ritmo

The Lungo Ritmo, with its spicy character and harmonious wood and roast flavours, gets its unique aroma from the special mixing and gentle roasting of the best Arabica beans from South America and Asia.

Intensity 5/10


Espresto Coffee Machines Capsule Belcanto Lungo

Lungo Belcanto with its light character and citrus notes receives its floral aroma and the sweetness of papaya from an unusual blend and gentle roasting of fine Arabica beans from Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.

Intensity 4/10


Espresto Coffee Machines Capsule Decaf

For this balanced decaffeinated coffee, only the finest Arabica beans have been selected from Brazil and other well-selected South American regions that give this blend the typical rich, full body with intense black berry/cassis notes.

Intensity 7/10

CAPPUCCINO (Combo Pack with Milk Capsules)

Espresto Coffee Machines Capsule Cappuccino

The creamy liaison of intensive espresso and fine milk foam – our Cappuccino. The special mixture of aromatic Arabica and tangy Robusta beans makes it unique – every cup a real joy.

CAFFÈ LATTE (Combo Pack with Milk Capsules)

Espresto Coffee Machines Capsule Caffe Latte

Strong aromatic espresso with creamy milk. That’s our Caffè Latte. Only the best, carefully-chosen coffee beans are gently prepared to ensure they yield their full flavour. A real pleasure for your senses.


Espresto Coffee Machines Capsule Crema Latte

The capsule for even better flavour. Our milk capsule. Use it to prepare a variety of special coffees such as tasty Caffè Latte or genuine Italian Cappuccino with delightful milk foam.

CHOCOLATTE (Speciality Capsules)

Espresto Coffee Machines Capsule Chocolatte

The best cocoa beans are gently and carefully prepared, giving Chocolatte a beautiful chocolate taste and creamy consistency. We only use cocoa beans certified to be of fair trade origin.

CHAI LATTE (Speciality Capsules)

Espresto Coffee Machines Capsule Chai Latte

Chai tea is a standard Indian drink. Enjoy this tasty milky tea with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon. It’s typically spicy flavour is a revelation of Indian tastes.

The Espresto system is able to provide you with milk-based speciality drinks, including Hot Chocolate, Chai Latte as well as Cappuccino’s, because of the intelligent capsule system. See, powdered milk capsules (Crema Latte Capsules) are inserted first, and normally brewed to the amount of the “bigger cup” capacity; then, adding your follow-up coffee capsule (Latte or Cappuccino), your coffee-component is neatly dispensed into your cup.
This is a freedom normally limited to high-end capsule machines or automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines, which we now see in an affordable format!

Lastly, in terms of capsules – if you simply cannot find an Espresto capsule that fits your taste – you can refill your old capsules! (Don’t tell anyone I told you!)

We really don’t recommend doing this more than once per capsule, for hygienic reasons, but if you’re in a pinch at 21:15 on a Sunday – this is your go-to!

Rinse out the pre-used capsule, fill it up with pre-ground coffee of your choice (NOT Instant! It must be ground coffee beans). Wrap a piece of plastic cling wrap tightly over the top and proceed as normal!

Espresto Capsule Coffee Machine

Buy your Espresto capsule coffee machine at Woolworths,, Foghound for around R 2000.00!

It’s an entry-level capsule coffee machine that delivers affordable results to the home based coffee lover!

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