Evaluating the Office Coffee Machine

To boost productivity, intravenous caffeine drips (not the sad face kind) at the office are illegal, but injecting your employees with liquid caffeine in the form of coffee isn’t (yah!).

Office coffee machines don’t have to make terrible coffee. If you get the best machine for your business size, then it will make a deliciously addictive drink – and of course productivity will boost – especially in the morning, or lunch or get those afternoon slackers going. Even just having a clear head on a new project or thinking clearly can be vastly improved if you jolt yourself with a mug of dark liquid.

There are, however, an astounding array of brewing systems. What to do and how to choose? Deciding on a office coffee machine can be quite a strenuous exercise for any  manager. So, go grab a cup of coffee and sit with me to go through this.

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How many of the staff are going to be using it, and how often? Some people don’t ever touch the stuff (who are these people?), and others are addicted already, they need to drink a few cups just to get up (out of bed).


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How much can you spend on an office coffee machine? Prices vary from reasonably  affordable (a few hundred rands) to absurdly expensive (thousands of rands).


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What is the coffee preference of the employees? Each machine will produce a different (not always great) taste.


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What does the kitchen look like? What appliances and space are available? Some methods of coffee brewing require a stovetop, which are not ideally suited to every office environment.


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The Office

Office Staff coming in at different times might not have a use for a drip machine, because it will waste coffee and electricity. If you have meetings, a drip machine would be appropriate for large groups. If the office is more individualised in frequency and taste, the decision for a coffee machine will be affected.

Filter Coffee Machines

Popular Choice for Sharing

It makes your standard coffee that can make anything from a lite roast to the darkest bean. It is great for community sharing, especially for offices with a strong coffee culture. There are plenty of options available. Modern machines also auto switch off, so no burnt after taste.

Capsule Coffee Machines

For the individual customer or in smaller offices

Capsule machines are extremely popular both in offices and home because of the fast ease and taste tailored per cup. These are great for office environments that are not highly favourable with coffee, or if you just can’t agree on a bag of beans. Each cup is made from a capsule, so you can buy a range of flavours to suit everyone’s taste. They are, of course, a lot more expensive than the filter coffee machine variety.

Automatic Coffee Machines

Fancy pants & specialty mixes

Automatic coffee machines are best known for their superior quality coffee and variety of milk based coffee specialities. Automatic bean to cup coffee machine provide the freshest option as beans are ground at the time of drink selection. These are best suited to customer areas and executives.

Coffee Vending Machines

Abracadabra, it’s done!

With lots of staff and filter coffee isn’t your game, then coffee vending machines are the way to go. They are available in both instant and bean to cup options. These multi beverage dispensers provide the largest drink selection of all coffee machines and include cappuccinos, mochaccino’s and hot chocolate. This is of course in addition to the regular coffee selection available. They also have hot chocolate (did I say hot chocolate already?).

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Office coffee machines are here to stay, so it’s up to you to find the right fit for your office and employees. Sit down with your coworkers with a piping hot cup and chat and of course you can skip the coffee shop and save some bucks too. It all helps to build relationships at the office and improve your communication and synergy.

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