Groovy Green: Alexander Yakushin’s Electric Coffee Machine

As we move into our brave new world of climate change, eco-friendly solutions, earth-saving obsession, vigilantly-styled earth protectionism, we save energy and also in the process save money in the long run. Day to day, we often forget to notice how electrical appliances like coffee machines chomp a huge hole into our electricity invoice.

“Public awareness of this fact too is leading the people to lean towards energy saving appliances. In today’s race of eco-friendly products, our coffee maker is not far behind.”

Russian designer Alexander Yakushin  conceptualised an eco-friendly coffee machine. This however, is a rather stylish entry into the foray of eco-friendly electrical appliances, with a sleek and modern geometrical stainless steel exterior. Surprisingly, the interior of this coffee machine is also geometrically shaped. Yakushin designed the coffee machine with a  series of geometrical shapes, each with it’s own specific function to perform.

Functionality wise, there are buttons for capuccino, espresso, water and on/off on the top and another button to detach the 3 litre water tank from the unit – which is quite a big size allowing to have more cups between refills. Most of the geometric elements of this coffee machine slide out and then back in, allowing for a space-saving footprint – always a boon in anyones space-restricted counters in the kitchen. For example, the drip tray extends to prevent mess and the angle is adjustable, after which you push it back when not in use. Space age and space saving!

The luxurious look and feel of the coffee machine belies it’s newbie-unknown energy, space and time saving features. To achieve this, ground coffee-filled capsules are inserted through the opening at the top and is automatically removed upon completing preparation of your coffee serving, which is a break-through in design leading to easier cleaning process.

Simplicity, eco-friendly nature of this coffee machine will surely appear to the modern buyer and looks amazing – a smart design for a coffee machine that looks after the environment just as much as your tastebuds.

via HomeTone.

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