Head to Head: De’Longhi vs. Philips Coffee Machines

Head to Head: De’Longhi vs. Philips Coffee Machines

Two of the most popular coffee machine brands in the industry today come from De’Longhi and Philips, both of which have a long standing history in the business. For many consumers, spotting a brand they are familiar with will be an encouraging factor when they’re looking for a new coffee machine for the house. Both of these brands are popular in their own right, but if someone spots two machines in a similar range from either, what’s to say that one is better than the other? Today, we’ll explore both ranges as a whole, and offer some advice on the best way to go based on price, quality and product variation.

De’Longhi Coffee Machines

De’Longhi is a trusted brand that has been making coffee machines since the early 1990’s. Their existing range comes with a host of options (bean to cup, pump espresso, grinders, accessories and even their very own LatteCrema system), all varying in price anywhere from R4000 to R20 000.  Generally, their products are designed with the highest quality in mind, with newer models looking trendy and modern, over and above some of the more traditional machines you may find from competitors in a similar range. Most of their machines get great online reviews, but in our books, their ESAM6900 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is one of the best machines in the market today, and well worth enquiring about if you’re in the market for one of their machines.

Philips Coffee Machines

While Philips is more synonymous with other electronics, it’s no secret that their household products have been growing in popularity quite substantially over the last two decades. A global conglomerate targeting the everyday user, their coffee machines tend to have fewer bells and whistles, and average in the R10 000 range. There are a few exceptions however, and their Saeco Xelsis X3 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine, for example, provides an incredible range of coffee making options and added features. The more expensive coffee machines from this brand tend to be of a higher quality, and they may be making inroads with the wealthier niche, albeit at a slower pace than other brands.

De’Longhi vs. Philips: Who Comes Out On Top?

When comparing both ranges, we looked at a couple of key factors, including price, quality and product variety of their individual ranges. From a price perspective, Philips takes the cake, offering a greater variety of products, at an average lower cost that is lower than that of De’Longhi. 

From a quality perspective, De’Longhi comes out on top, albeit that that Philips’ high-end range does seem to be equally competitive in this sense. When it comes to variation, both products provide a great variety of products, and De’Longhi, while not necessarily catering to the everyman, does add a lot of personalisation to their machines, in an attempt to better understand their customers better and to improve their ranges over time. Philips does this too, but with coffee not being their primary game, it’s clear that they have a little way to go in order to properly penetrate the market in this regard. 

How about you decide what is going to work for you? Aquaspresso has an exciting range of coffee machines at their disposal, and will be able to tell you more about which brand comes out on top, based on your individual needs, and any other questions you may have.

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