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Illy Iperspresso Capsule Coffee Machine Reviewed

Illy Iperspresso Capsule Coffee Machine:Good or Bad?

Illy Ipperspresso: Immediately hitting Google translate, I found that the prefix to this interesting name means “Hyper”. Wow!!! Hyper-Spresso! Literally, what more could we ask for? Hyper ANYTHING is pretty much as good as it gets. Let’s put my theory to the test…

Hyper-Spresso Capsule Coffee Machine

Firstly, and this blows my mind, this sweet little thing was designed by an ARCHITECT – Luca Trazzi. An architect! I don’t know about you, but when I think architect, I think high-rise, multi-billion rand corporate offices designed from scratch. In light of this revelation, let’s throw all preconceived notions out the door already, because it’s clear this machine is going to overthrow them before we get a chance to drink one of these Hyper-Spresso’s.

The X7.1 Iperspresso

At the touch of a button, your architecturally designed coffee is right there. No questions. Coffee understands…

X7.1 Iperspresso sunrise

Ooh la la! This limited edition espresso machine is dedicated to our coffee connoisseurs who see coffee as an experience, not just a habit. It contains an automatic shut-off (very useful in our energy conscious times), a milk-frother (enabling you to produce world class cappuccino’s in record time), as well as a Panarrello wand – which attaches to the steam arm of the espresso machine and aides in simplifying the frothing process – an unimaginably useful tool for first-time users. If the above details, coupled with an automatic 30-minute switch off isn’t enough, the automatic decalcification program must be the exception to the rule. Less effort, less work, more reward. Where do I sign up?

X8 Iperspresso

From decision to cup, it all happens in a matter of seconds. Steamy, creamy cappuccino is at your fingertips – not on them. The built in, height-adjustable steam wand assists in making that heavenly cuppa, which a varied-height drip tray accommodates various cup sizes. We love the accommodating and unique nature of these machines.

Y1 Iperspresso

Let’s open this line with the fact the Y1 Iperspresso is “The Winner of Red Dot Design Award (“Best of the Best 2011” for household appliances), comes in a variety of red, white or black glass. It is compact and stylishly designed (yes, no surprise there). It holds a meagre 9.5-inch square base area, made from tempered glass and brushed aluminium.

Y1.1 Touch Iperspresso

Introduced in 2010, this is the bigger sister of the delicious Y1 Iperspresso. Its touch-screen functionality allows for stylish functionality.

Y3 Iperspresso

The Y3 automatically switches to energy-saving mode after 15 minutes non-use. We in South Africa will love this. With its 19 bar pressure, your morning (and afternoon, and night) cappuccino is guaranteed to be as frothy and fluffy as your favourite childhood teddy bear.

Y5 Iperspresso

Step up with the Y5 and its alluring touch-screen display, compact design highlighted by its 10 capsule holding capacity and loading system, used capsule drawer and water tank, which can all be extracted from the front. Space-saving, space-age.

Y5 Milk Iperspresso

If this doesn’t grab your attention, then, well, I don’t know what will; it is the first Illy Iperspresso machine with the “one touch milk” option for the preparation of six various beverages with a simple touch.Yep, it has energy saving mode, too.

X1 Iperspresso

The X1 contains a professional steam wand for cappuccino, automatic shut-off and variable volume control, and an automatic descaling feature makes maintenance minimal. Choose your colour and enjoy!

Gaggia for Illy Iperspresso

The concept of having theirs “Your Way” is a sentiment carried through all of Illy’s product lines.
This espresso system features quick and simple loading and automatic ejection of Illy Iperspresso capsules. Choose your colours, available in in either black (GXI/01) or iconic Illy red (GXI/02).

Illy Iperspresso – Hyper Coffee – Our Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, all these wonderful machines provide us with the same outcome and service; an excellent, premium blended coffee. It’s really whether you are colour specific, space-conscious, technologically inclined or one-touch preferred which will lead you to your ultimate decision. Always consider running costs, optimisation of usage VS cost as well your choices and preferences. All I can say definitely is I would trust an Italian coffee machine that was designed by an architect to satisfy my coffee needs!

As always it is always better to test for yourself to see if any coffee machine we review will be right for you.

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