Jura A1 Review South Africa

Jura A1 Review: The Coffee Purists Compact Comfort

Jura A1 Review: The Coffee Purists Compact Comfort

We already know Jura is the “poster-child” for continual improvement, and they have again made strides in perfecting the coffee purist’s ultimate compact solution in the Jura A1.

This is the improved replacement for the ENA Micro 1, and we highlight what this little monster is going to bring to the table.

Jura A1 Coffee Machine Features

Jura A1 PEP

Jura A1 P.E.P

We see the introduction of P.E.P (Pulse Extraction Process), Jura’s patented extraction-optimisation technology introduced into the non-cappuccino Jura range. This is a breakthrough in terms of coffee quality, which (from this range of coffee machine) was previously not possible. Bering in mind that the customer who is likely to rent or by this machine is a coffee purist – i.e. – someone who prefers a well-made shot of Espresso over a dreamy creamy Cappuccino.

The P.E.P compliments the existing pre-infusion (or I.P.B.A.S for Jura) beautifully. Your coffee grounds are optimally soaked to allow for maximum flavour extraction in the first step, and then – as the water is applied to the coffee grounds with precise pressure – you can expect nothing but the best, most aromatic coffee imaginable.

Another new introduction to this machine is the Aromas G3 grinder; this grinder is able to perform the job of the previous Aroma+ grinder not only twice as fast – but as a direct result, allows for the full aroma of your freshly ground beans to be preserved.

As we can see, Jura has concentrated their improvement efforts in exactly the right place on this beauty; working hand-in-hand, the P.E.P and Aroma G3 Grinder combine their super powers to make your coffee taste better, faster. I feel like asking for more from this machine would be almost impossible, but let’s check back in a year and I’m sure Jura will have surprised us again!

A1 Aesthetics

Jura A1 Touch Panel

Jura A1 Touch Panel

If your biggest objective is to “wow” with a coffee machine, I might suggest looking at a Z or E range – they are much more modern-looking and also perform cappuccino functions. Having said that (be sure that there is nothing wrong with the A1 whatsoever – this is solely a side by side comparison) – there have been some lovely introductions and improvements in this regard, too.

The A1 showcases simplicity in their touch-screen panel, with red back lighting,. That allows for the user-defined adjustment between three various cup sizes, as well as two varied aroma levels.

Jura A1 Specifications

The nitty gritty that you need to know:

  • Variable brewing chamber, from 6 g to 10 g
  • Intelligent Pre -Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S. ©)
  • Height -adjustable coffee spout
  • Energy Save Mode (E.S.M. ©)
  • Multi -level AromaG3 grinder
  • CLARIS filter cartridge
  • High -performance pump, 15 bar
  • Thermoblock heating system
  • Intelligent preheating
  • Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programme
  • Adjustable water hardness
  • Zero -Energy Switch or power switch
  • Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P. ® )
  • Symbol display
  • Sensitive-Touchscreen Technology ©
  • Recognition for second, ground coffee
  • Monitored aroma preservation cover
  • Settings and programming options
  • Programmable amount of water
  • Coffee strength adjustable for each preparation
  • Programmable switch – off time
  • Height-adjustable coffee spout 58 mm – 141 mm
  • Water tank fill volume 1,1 litres
  • Coffee grounds container (servings)
  • Bean container with aroma preservation cover 125 g
  • Weight 9,2 kg
  • Dimensions 23,9cm width x 32,3 cm height x 44,5 cm depth

Jura A1 – The Verdict

This machine is either right for you or it’s not. The best suite user is likely a homer-user, simply because of the size and output of this machine. This user will also be a coffee purist, because this machine simply does not have a milk frother. Yes, you can buy a free-standing Jura milk frother, but bear this in mind when comparing it to a machine that has a built-in frother.

The aesthetic of this machine is sleek, compact and powerful. It is not going to have the same “wow factor” of, for instance, a Z-range or an E-range.

Price-wise, you can expect to pay around the R 9 000.00 mark for this coffee machine. Factor in the price of the free-standing frother if this is something you would want.

If you’re looking for a small machine to use in a reception area, a boardroom or an office of less than five people, with less of an emphasis on looks but rather provide high-end, quality coffee, perhaps compare pricing, aesthetic and output with a few of the F-Range, E-range or Z-range coffee machines.

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