jura coffee machine for sale

Jura Coffee Machine for Sale: How to tell if your Jura is Legit

Jura Coffee Machine for Sale: How to tell if your Jura is Legit

Buying a coffee machine – as a first-time buyer or a seasoned expert – is an exciting and sometimes daunting experience. While we might not quite as far to equate it to buying your first car – your first time purchasing a new household appliance that makes the quality of your life – and the quality of your coffee exponentially better – is definitely something to remember.

However, living in the world we live in means we need to have our guards up all the time; buying directly from a Jura dealer or another supplier might not be financially viable for you – so you may choose to browse second-hand sites in the hopes of coming across a well-priced deal from a private seller; you may also want to buy a Jura from a general second hand re-seller – such as a well-known cash-for-goods store, etc. This bears an entirely new set of risks to which you’re exposed – one of them being the purchasing of stolen or counterfeit equipment.

Fear not – there is a way to verify the authenticity as well as the purchase status of your Jura coffee machine!

How to Check Authenticity when Buying a Jura Coffee Machine for Sale

If you’ve purchased a second hand or new Jura coffee machine from ANYONE other than Jura Head Office or an authorized re-seller – we would suggest you immediately (even before purchasing) look for the serial number sticker. If this has been removed – allow it to be a red flag alerting you to potentially stolen or counterfeit goods. Using this number to verify the authenticity of a Jura coffee machine is as easy as recording the serial number, and calling Jura South Africa; once you have provided them with the serial number, they will be able to advise you if the machine has been previously owned, is reported as stolen or is not an actual, original Jura machine.
First place goes to anyone who can do this before any type of monetary transaction between yourself and the seller; if you are alerted to the fact that your machine is counterfeit – please remember that the machine will not be able to be serviced at any Jura dealer as the machine, well, isn’t theirs.

If the machine is recorded as stolen or lost, you may be in possession of stolen goods; report this to your police station immediately and if you have the details of the seller at and – be sure to report those too.

If however your Jura is simply missing the serial number sticker, you may take it to Jura for them to have a quick look-over; trained professionals should be able to detect smaller nuances that differ from a counterfeit to an original Jura – and they will advise you accordingly.

The best bet is usually to look for an authorized re-seller of genuine Jura machines – one that bears a logo or can at least be verified to be a partner – by Jura. This not only gives you the peace of mind you’re spending you’re hard-earned money on  genuine machine, but also that list is not “hot property”; another additional benefit is the typical guarantee or warranty provided by the authorized re-seller, typically around a year or 6 months guarantee. You can check for latent defects and faults with the machine, and know you are covered for already-existing problems.

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You can verify and authenticate your Jura Coffee Machine with serial number by contacting ICE (International Coffee Equipment) South Africa –South Africa’s Jura importer at:

http://www.icesa.za.net/ or on 011 708 2480
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