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Jura Coffee Machines: The Easiest Automatic Coffee Machines To Use?

Jura Coffee Machines: The Easiest Automatic Coffee Machines To Use?

Not all coffee machines are crated equal – especially when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of actually using it. Without a shadow of a doubt, automatic coffee machines (in general) are far easier to use than their traditional Espresso machine counterparts. We’ve even seen some industry giants (like Starbucks) moving away from traditional, manual machines and gravitating towards to consistency-bearing automatic espresso machine.

But, how easy are automatic machines when it comes to daily use, really? We go through the most popular of the Jura ranges to highlight the ease-of-use associated with each range.

Jura A Range Coffee Machines

The A range from Jura is their newest range. This is an entry-level machine, sans any type of built-in milk system. This means that it’s best suited for a home or small office environment, which in turn means less people using the machine on a first-time basis. Once you’ve shown the users once or twice, and allowed them to use the machine themselves a few times, they’ll be able to brew a cuppa without a second of hesitation.

The A-range from Jura features three buttons on their basic display – one for each of the three varied sizes of coffee drinks. It might be a little confusing for first time users, but once shown, it’s one of the most basic displays to use.

Jura E Range Coffee Machines

E-range coffee machines from Jura are considered the informal “replacements” for the F range of machines. Their user interface and aesthetic have been amongst some of their most celebrated improvements, and for good reason. The display is as easy to use as anyone could imagine. Integrated milk frothing systems allow you to have a latte (or cappuccino) with one simple touch – no moving of mugs, adjusting of milk-froth-texture or anything of the like.

For medium sized offices, this is a dream come true for ease of use and speed.

Jura F Range Coffee Machines

The F range is somewhat of a pivotal point in terms of the display and ease of use in Jura coffee machines. Some of the F range machines feature the introductory (at that stage) TFT screens with rotary dials. This type of display makes the F ranges exceptionally easy to use, because instead of deciphering pictures, cup sizes etc., all your options are displayed on-screen and allow your selection process to be much quicker and more streamlined.

For it’s ideal use, it will be located in a medium sized office, and with one or two demonstrations, staff will be able to make their morning (tea time, afternoon AND lunch time coffee’s) with no hassle at all.

Jura X Range Coffee Machines

The XS range is a black or white situation. This is the cornerstone of a coffee-holic large office. It gets the job done, and does it well. However, the display is a bit tricky. It is a basic LCD screen display, and to brew a cuppa requires button-selection of the type of coffee you want., The milk-based drinks are located to the opposite side of the machine, so unless you offer extensive training to users or the tea lady, this is maybe not the most user friendly of Jura’s ranges.

However, the XJ range has taken from that downfall and improved the situation. The XJ range has a colour display and is far easier (and more fun) to use. For a larger office, a few training sessions should seal the deal in terms of user friendliness.

Jura GIGA Range Coffee Machines

This monster is designed to cater for the largest of large offices, For this reason, it has to be easy (and fast) to use – in order to successfully serve all those who require it throughout the day.

Again – the colour display and selection is far improved upon and makes for some of the least complicated drink selections and brewing methods and automatic coffee machine can produce. Select which bean hopper to use from, choose from pre-selects – this is easy as as a big office machine gets.

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