Jura E8 Review: A Coffee Machine Love Story

Jura E8 Review: A Coffee Machine Love Story

Warning: if you are craving an amazing cup of coffee right now, either exercise extreme control or first go arm yourself with some Java. This is some tempting stuff right here, and I promise this coffee machine is not going to make your “New Years” no-coffee resolution any easier!

Jura Impressa E8

Still got space in your mouth after having said that? Good! The Jura Impressa E8 can adjust your brew strength by the touch of a single button; once for mild, twice for medium and three times for “I never slept last night” coffee strengths. The LED screen lends a modern touch to the look of the machine – but serves the functional purpose of telling you what’s happening in your machine, what needs to happen – and when it needs to happen.

Change your cup size in a second by using the rotary selection button – just scroll to your favorite size. It’s really as easy as that. One-touch Cappuccino technology means that you don’t have to move your cup around or try find the right outlet for each component of your coffee (this roughly equates to more time being free to stare at your machine, like we do with microwaves, and hope for it to hurry up). With a 2 litre water tank capacity, you’re well equipped to make a considerable amount of coffee before needing to refill.

Your grinder can grind coffee beans into 6 levels of coarseness – something which is gaining a lot of popularity with an increase of consumers wanting an exceptionally personalised brew. Above all else, this stylish piece of machinery is perfect for the home user who appreciates amazing aesthetics and a superior cup of coffee – each and every time.

Jura E8 Problems: Troubleshooting Machines that Misbehave

It’s always good to know what problems you may encounter when using a machine you’re unfamiliar with. One issue is the inconsistency of the coffee brew from the two spouts – as can be seen in this video. Now, it may not be a problem if you are only using it to brew single cup cappuccino’s etc., where you are only using one cup; the problem comes in when you want to simultaneously produce two cups of Espresso, coffee etc.

It can be easily remedied: open the drawer and clean the brewing unit (also known as the brew group). This problem can happen at any time, when the coffee / water outlet is blocked even slightly.

Fortunately, the Jura E8 has a removable brew group – so clean-up comprises of a simple rinse as opposed to a full clean. Milk not frothing? This is the most common problem associated with all Jura machines – and the solution is quite simple. Keep it clean! A bit more on this topic here. The Jura E8 stands a meagre 35cm high and 28cm wide. A little bit of problems for a little machine 🙂

Perks of the Jura E8

As if it’s good looks and amazing capability weren’t enough, the Jura E8 has some incredibly simple but handy features. The automatic hot water rinse cycle is activated when the machine is switched on and off. This function ensures all the brewing parts are pre-heated for optimal output, and the components are heated – allowing for perfectly heated coffee.

The automated cleaning cycle indicator prevents coffee-lipid build up. How? Your LED screen prompts you to add a cleaning tablet to your machine and perform an insanely quick 15 minute deep clean. Nothing needs to be removed or replaced – the LED display will remind you to perform this clean after approximately 200 cups of coffee. This is always recommended as it extends the lifespan of your machine, as well as allowing it to produce the best possible cup of coffee.

Your drudge drawer (fancy name for the container that collects your coffee grounds) has an indicator when it needs to be removed; for those who appreciate having control over usage – you can easily track and monitor how many cups of coffee the machine has made; and lastly – but definitely not least – it has 8 programming functions: Filter, Water Hardness (a higher water hardness will require regular filter changes), Aroma level, Automatic On / Off, ml or OZ, Rinse Option, Statistics (this is where you measure cups made per selection) as well as Language selection. Short of making your coffee and bringing it to you in bed – this machine does it all!

Jura E8 Pricing

Jura has introduced this little monster onto South African shores at a remarkably low price of approximately R 16 000.00 for outright purchase.

So, you want the Jura E8… But – is it right for you?

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting a pair of shoes (or that amazing branded toolbox) with your entire heart and soul – having the cash on hand – no queue at the till. But it’s the last pair and they are a size too small for you. You’re either going to walk away, sob a little and later find the right shoe, similar – but it fits. Or, you’re going to try squeeze into them, form blisters and callouses – and wonder a few weeks down the line if it was worth it.

Now, considering a pair of shoes is priced around R 500.00, that type of mistake can be overlooked. Spending R 17 500.00 on a machine you dearly want – but isn’t your right fit? Now that is something to avoid.

If you re someone who truly enjoys coffee – pure, premium coffee in a fine form, in your own home, at the touch of a button (and you have some nice spare cash lying around) – go for it! It will be an investment and a quality addition to your life.

If you are anything less than a coffee enthusiast, a lover of Java and cannot even stand to think about instant coffee (let alone drink it) then just carry on looking; there is a machine out there for you. Don’t use this in a large office, a factory or petrol station; it will cost you a small fortune just to run.

That being said, if a Jura E8 is your machine of choice – we’d like to hear from you.

Send us your tips, “loves” and “hates” of the machine – we love your feedback!


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