Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine

The Jura E8 is, like all automatic coffee machines, a bean to cup fresh milk machine. The E8 is designed for small to medium sized offices of up to about 25 people and features full one-touch technology. Its small size means it enables one to make a great cup of coffee at a very reasonable price, as coffee machine prices increase exponentially with increasing machine size.

The Jura E8 can make 8 coffee specialities including espresso, latte, cappuccino, americano (black coffee), ristretto, special coffee, milk foam and macchiato.

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Jura E8 Review

Unfortunately no machine is perfect – we wish they were. Below we list the pros and cons of the E8.

Jura E8 Pros

  • Milk Froth Quality – The froth on all Jura Automatic machines from mid 2014 utilises the new fine foam frothing technology, which means that the milk froth for cappuccinos and lattes comes out thick and creamy. This is still one feature which separates Jura machines from most other entry level automatic machines on the market today.
  • Coffee and Espresso Extraction – The famous Jura grinder and brewing unit technology means the extraction on all “black coffee” drinks is still a level ahead of other bean to cup options. The need for constant cleaning of coffee machines makes many of them somewhat of a nuisance.
  • No Removable Brewing Unit – Jura is still the only brand which doesn’t have a removable brewing unit which means everything can still be cleaned at the touch of a button
  • One Touch Functionality – The E8 features full one touch technology meaning every drink can be made at the touch of a button.

Jura E8 Cons

  • High Price for One Touch – The F8 is a “two-touch” cappuccino machine and retails for around 20% more cheaper. The only difference being full one touch technology. The are environments and circumstances which demand a fully one touch machine, however if you can avoid it, you might be better off with the F8 instead.
  • Noise – The E8 does have a few features to eliminate noise as much as possible however when grinding beans there is still some latent noise which can be heard.
  • Water Tank Size – The E8 has a 1.9 litre water tank which can make around 15 cups between fills (cappuccinos). The machine is ready to go immediately once the tank is refilled however it still does need to be refilled.