Jura Power Saver Mode

My Jura Keeps Switching Off – Help! Jura Power Saver Mode Explained

Jura Power Saver Mode Explained

Coffee Machines are designed to stop us from sleeping at work – not to switch off themselves and cause a near heart attack!

It’s forgivable to think there may be something wrong with your Jura when it goes into standby mode, but fear not!

Follow these simple steps below to increase the time it takes for your Jura to go into standby mode:

Jura Machine Power Saver Mode

As frustrating as it may be, this is really a neat little feature that’s built into most Jura Coffee Machines. What it is, in essence, is an automatic mechanism that switches your machine into the power-off mode in order to save energy and prevent your machine from possibly staying on overnight – and suffering the consequences of a power surge.

How Do I Change The Jura Power Saver Mode on My XS9 Coffee Machine?

Using the Jura XS9 as our go-to, the steps to change your power-off mode are quite simple:

Open the “little door” underneath the Espresso and Coffee buttons; you will see a silver, round dial with a black button in the centre.

Press and hold the black button in, until the digital screen displays the word “Maintenance”. This is usually accompanied by a little beeping sound.

When the machine displays “Maintenance”, turn the silver dial clockwise until the screen displays “OFF AFTER”

Press the black button in, briefly, and the machine will display the number of hours it is currently set on (before power-saver mode kicks in)

Turn the silver dial clockwise to increase the time before shut-off.

Alternately, turn the silver dial counter-clockwise to decrease the time before shut-off.

Click the central black button in to save your selection.

Continue to turn the silver dial clockwise until “Exit” is displayed.

The machine should now display “COFFEE READY” and you will be able to make coffee again – much to your relief!

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