Jura Machine Cleaning Tablets – Review

Jura Machine Cleaning Tablets – Review

Owning a coffee machine is wonderful, and an investment you should be very proud of. For many of us, a parent, grandparent or business mentor has a trusty ol’ coffee machine that they’ve had for years and years, always the first to whirr and purr when you arrive for a visit and a chat. 

But how do coffee machines end up surviving the ‘daily grind’ (excuse the pun) for so many years? Something that many people overlook, is machine maintenance and cleanliness. Next time you’re visiting someone who owns a fancy machine, ask them to tell you about the dregdrawer, error messages on the machine around decalcifying and other small bits of maintenance that tends to creep up every now and then.

Why Is It Important to Clean Your Coffee Machine?

If you’re looking to avoid these kinds of messages, or at least minimise the maintenance on your own machine, it’s important to consider how regularly you clean your machine. We’ve mentioned the importance of maintenance, but from a hygienic point of view, something you use daily, should naturally also be on a regular cleaning schedule, regardless of whether it may seem like the machine cleans itself (or if it was advertised this way when you first bought it). This is particularly important in an office environment, where upwards of 50 people could be using the machine on a daily basis, but is also important for home use.

How Do You Go About Cleaning Your Coffee Machine?

While the manufacturer has hopefully given you instructions to do so in the manual, it is also important to not only consider external factors (like how clean the machine looks on the outside). You’ll know all too well that a car, for example, may look shiny and sparkly from the outside, but inside, your friend has a floor full of banana peels under the cubby. Don’t be that guy, and pay attention to the inside workings of your coffee machine as much as you do the outside. A cleaning tablet, for example, is the perfect way to clean the internal workings of the machine, not only providing a “mini service” of sorts each time, but simultaneously ensuring that there are no clogs, and minimising future risks of waking up unable to make your favourite cuppa on a cold winter’s morning.

An Effective Solution: Jura Machine Cleaning Tablets

We’ve considered a lot of cleaning tablets and done extensive research about various products in the market for this article, but when comparing our own experiences, along with general impressions from reviewers from all over the world, it’s worth placing Jura Machine Cleaning Tablets high on the list as a viable long-term solution for coffee machine maintenance.

These tablets tackle the machine from all angles, including the milk, coffee and water dispensing areas. Their tablets are two-phase, meaning they don’t just clean the machine, but also seals it to delay accumulation of coffee residue from future use. From a pricing perspective, these tablets are anywhere from R150.00 to R200.00 for a pack of 6, making them somewhat in a higher range for the average user, but as we always say, it’s never worth skimping on quality.

If you are in the market for a new machine, it’s worth mentioning that Jura also has some great coffee machines, that go hand-in-hand with these tablets. The Jura F8 or F9, available for rent or purchase from Aquaspresso, is 100% compatible with the tablets and the two are like two peas in a pod. Hopefully, you’ll be encouraged to take care of your machine no matter the brand or when you bought it, and here’s to a happy week of coffee drinking for you, your colleagues and your loved ones!

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