Jura: The Perfect Home Coffee Machine

Jura: The Perfect Home Coffee Machine

Jura is a beloved international coffee brand that has been manufacturing state of the art coffee machines for home and office use for over 35 years. What is it about their machines that make them perfect for smaller locations? Let’s delve a little deeper into their range. Once we’ve established what makes for a good coffee machine in the first place, it’s easy to see why Jura is up there with some of the industry’s best offerings. 

What Makes a Good Coffee Machine?

Simply put, a good coffee machine is able to deliver a high quality cup of coffee (or other hot beverage) not only once, but time and time again. Good bar pressure and decent output are a must, especially if the machine is used by a couple of members in the family. A good coffee machine should be easy to use, easier to clean, and should last you anywhere between five to ten years. A great machine also gives you the opportunity to experiment with different settings, creating a tailor-made experience for you based on your own preferences and taste. 

Size Matters (Especially in Small Spaces)

When it comes to some of that factors already mentioned, Jura’s F8 and F9 ranges both seem to fit the bill. Something else that is rarely spoken of when it comes to coffee machines, is their size. In any modern household, especially considering what it costs to rent or buy a home in 2020, space matters, and doing more with less is the name of the game for many families around the country. Jura machines are designed in a way to be optimised when it comes to space. The machines are lightweight and easy to move around, should you wish to experiment with locations, or take the machine with you the next time you go on holiday. 

Simple To Use, Easy To Maintain

Jura’s coffee machines are renowned for their home use because of their ease of use. The machines don’t tend to come with too many “bells and whistles”, implying that pretty much anyone can figure out how to make a good cup at the touch of a button or two. Better yet, the machines have clear instructions when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. You won’t be spending hours cleaning the machine, even after extensive use. A little bit of maintenance here and there will go a long way, and a lot of machines come with built in cleaning capabilities these days. 

Innovative Products That Move With The Times

Any brand has to be plugged into technological innovation if they want to remain relevant, and the coffee industry isn’t immune to this. Jura knows it has to keep moving with the times, and so it does, with each new model that it releases. This is done to make the process of making coffee easier for the consumer, but also to help to offer a more personalised experience. Just imagine what A.I will bring to the coffee game in the next ten years! If you’d like to keep up, Aquaspresso is a leading supplier of Jura machines, offering new purchases or rental options, depending on your needs at the time. They’ll also be able to give you information about new products about to hit the market, should you have your eye on a Jura machine in the near future. 

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