Jura prfoessional fine foam frother

JURA Professional Fine Foam Frother: Making a Latte from Your Jura

JURA Professional Fine Foam Frother: Making a Latte from Your Jura

Milk-based drinks are becoming a selling point when most people are looking for a coffee machine. People want Cappuccino’s, Flat White’s, Latte’s – it’s a huge trend. However, most coffee machines are only capable of making Cappuccino’s at best – largely in part due to the fact that most coffee machines are only able to produce dense milk foam.

Jura has introduced the Professional Fine Foam Frother, which is capable of making various density froths and foams – simply by turning the dial of the frother.

See, Latte’s and Flat Whites use (in majority) fine froth; there’s a huge difference in milk foam and milk froth – milk foam is light, highly aerated and almost soft on the palette. Milk foam on the other hand is thick, creamy and dense.

What influences the consistency of the froth and foam is the heat used to produce them, the amount of aeration that is allowed when frothing, as well as the time the milk is allowed to settle before any coffee product is added.

How to Make a Latte or Flat White with a Jura Professional Fine Foam Frother

To make a latte, first bring the dial to a complete vertical position on the Professional Fine Foam Frother. This will dispense the light, highly aerated milk froth that makes the base of a latte or flat white. Allowing a ten second pause between the dispensing of the milk, and the addition of the coffee product will allow for perfect settling of the milk.

Finish it off by turning your dial slowly to a 45 degree (and further down from the centre-area) angle from the vertical position, to start dispensing your thick, creamy and super dense milk foam.

How do I Make a Latte with a Normal Jura Fine Foam Frother?

While there’s no arguing that the Professional Fine Foam Frother makes the preparation a hundred times simpler, it is still possible to make your favourite milk drinks without the attachment – it’s just going to take some time and patience.

Once you have dispensed approximately half your cup full of milk foam, allow the milk to settle for at least a minute. This will cause a natural separation in the milk. Dispense your coffee into the milk, and top off with a fresh preparation of milk foam. Yes, you’ll also lose some heat when doing this, but with summer right here – a slightly less-hot Latte might not be the worst idea.

Here’s a quick video, demonstrating the preparation process on a Jura XS9.

Do you love your lattes and flat white’s? Let us know your tricks and tip to preparing them in the comments section below!

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