Jura vs. De’Longhi: A Coffee Brand Comparison

Jura vs. De’Longhi: A Coffee Brand Comparison

Jura and De’Longhi are two of the biggest international brands when it comes to coffee machines. Both have stood the test of time and continued to innovate their coffee machine offerings to supply the public with what they need based on changes related to technology, and how general lifestyles have adapted to the times in recent years. A great coffee machine blends style with ease of use, and provides you with a great cup each time. When both brands go toe-to-toe, who comes out on top? Hopefully the brand histories, coffee machine ranges, as well as pricing and lifespan will help you to make a decision for yourself. 

Brand History

Jura has been making coffee machines since the mid 1980’s, when its umbrella company (which is 90 years old this year) decided to branch out into the coffee business. Initially starting out as a love for household appliances in general, the Swiss company has since refined its products to cater to various niches within the household space, and coffee lovers owe them many thanks for all the delicious cups their machines have produced since. 

De’Longhi may be a well known brand, but few people know that the first espresso machine they ever released only came out in the early 1990’s. Similarly to Jura, this was as a result of the brand, which first launched in 1902, decided to expand into new markets. The company employs over 6000 people, with its base operations taking place in Italy. De’Longhi may be a popular appliance creator, but Jura is perhaps the better known of the two when it comes to the coffee market. 

Coffee Machine Range

Jura’s coffee machine range caters to first time coffee fans all the way through to restaurants and other businesses. Their machines are known for their futuristic designs, and are usually full of features and gadgets to help enhance the consumer experience. Jura’s bean-to-cup machines are easy to use, and tend to cater more to small households and businesses. As a whole, the brand offers great versatility in their product ranges, which keep expanding each year in order to keep up with changes in consumer demand.

De’Longhi creates spectacular coffee machines, most of which are designed with a certain air of elegance and class often associated with the brand. The ECAM range is popular as it provides great functionality coupled with this style, offering a competitive product relative to some of the others out there at the moment. De’Longhi works hard to uphold its so-called “coffee vision”, which is a core part of each of the machines they design, and they go above and beyond for their consumers, even offering cool coffee recipe ideas on their website. 

Pricing & Lifespan

Jura and De’Longhi are equally matched when it comes to pricing, where you can expect to pay more if you’re looking for advanced features, or for a machine that is fit for commercial use. De’Longhi might be somewhat more expensive depending on where you’re buying the machine from, which is something to keep in mind. Jura is available locally in South Africa from reputable providers, who even give you the opportunity to rent a machine if it is out of your budget to buy a new one outright. 

Both brands estimate typical machine lifespans of around 10 years, especially if you’re buying a fully automatic coffee machine. This depends on where you’re using it, as well as how well you maintain the machine, but when it comes to either brand, you can bank on a high quality product. Jura and De’Longhi also offer great warranties on their machines, which should help to put your mind at ease too. This, along with the other factors we’ve mentioned, should help you decide which brand is the winning one for you.

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