jura vs wmf

Jura vs WMF – Swiss Engineering vs German Precision

Jura vs WMF – Swiss Engineering vs German Precision

Ooooh, I can feel I’m already stepping on some loyalist’s toes here. Will that make me tread lightly? Of course not!

Jura and WMF are arguably some the THE biggest names in terms of automatic coffee machines- worldwide – and for some darn good reason.

Jura Overview

Jura is known for their Swiss Engineering and continuous improvements – whether it be the implementation of the Aroma G3 Grinder, or P.E.P technology. These small changes make the world of difference to coffee lovers – and connoisseurs alike.

There really isn’t much that can add up the quality of coffee you can get from a Jura. Add to that their also continually-improved milk frothing technology, and you’ve got yourself an all-round coffee station that everyone is going to love.

Jura generally caters for anyone from a home environment where large volumes of coffee are consumed daily, all the way through to offices of up to 100 (in the X-Range of machines) and even offices of up to 200 daily drinkers (from their GIGA range).

Price-wise, Jura is not cheap – but it is also not overpriced, either. You want quality, you get quality – and a name you can trust.

WMF Overview

While WMF is not as widely known as Jura, their brand and associations thereof are quite impressive. The proudly German brand offers quite a broad selection of “wow” machines.

Not only does WMF offer some of the most forward-thinking milk technology, it goes beyond that. For the first time, you can make milk in either hot or cold temperatures, in any consistency – ranging from lightly frothed, full foam or to such a dense consistency that it will remain inside your glass when tipped over!

WMF is geared towards the big, big office environment; I’m talking in excess of 200 people using the machine daily. Their range offers some seriously huge machines- but my reason for suggesting placement in a large office environment is two-fold. These machines are very, very expensive. Their entry-level ranges are priced from about R 70 000.00.

See, WMF picks up where Jura leaves off basically.

Undoubtedly, both of these machines and brands are worth their weight in gold – but it really depends on the environment you’ll be placing them in, as well as the popularity of the drinks they have to offer (and how many of each will be consumed each day).

Jura Advantages and Features

  • P.E.P – Pulse Extraction Process ensures your coffee flavour is extracted optimally; no more over or under extraction – basically, a perfect cup each and every time!
  • JURA App – compatible Jura models allow you to make, store and re-create your favourite drinks at the touch of a button.
  • Aroma G3 Grinder – guarantees you the freshest, most well-ground coffee you can imagine.
  • Pricing – well-priced, considering the brand value.
  • Touch screen models with backlights, monitored drip trays and bean hopper extensions.
  • Professional Fine Foam frother allows for milk in three ways; heated, frothed and foamed milk.

WMF Advantages and Features

  • Hot chocolate; this is one of the first brand ranges of coffee machine to offer hot chocolate functionality. 99% of bean to cup coffee machine are restricted to coffee, and milk-based coffee drinks. WMF is a game changer in this regards, second only to (perhaps) Franke.
  • WMF Dynamic Milk. Just wow. Make your milk hot, cold, watery, frothy, foamy, or so dense it looks like cream.
  • Two milk drinks at once. Not many machines offer this – but WMF does.

Jura vs WMF – Who Wins?

The winner depends on YOUR needs; consider these 5 factors, and the decision will surely make itself:

  • Price
  • Milk-based drinks
  • Office size
  • Hot chocolate functionality
  • Coffee quality

If this whole comparisons ranks in TL;DR – check out our video review right here!

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