Jura X8 Review

Jura X8 Platinum Coffee Machine – South Africa’s Hottest New Jura Arrival

Jura X8 Platinum Coffee Machine – South Africa’s Hottest New Jura Arrival

Launch announcements from Jura are the coffee lovers quintessential equivalent of Apple Keynote speeches preceding a new product launches; we await with baited breath the latest announcement from them, as if our lives depended on it. We wait to hear what the new machine features, which machine it will be replacing and how much money we should start saving to be able to get our hands on the latest arrival.

Well, 2018 is off to a rather peachy start – Jura’s just announced the brand-spanking new X8, and it’s what every office needs. Neeeeeeds, I tell you!

The new X8 is set to replace the XJ9 as well as our trusty workhorse, the XS9. The “X” typically denotes the capability of the machine to handle high-usage environments such as offices or coffee shops, and the X8 is set to wow us, considering what it is taking the place of.

Instead of making you read an entire article before finding the price, we’ll put you out of your misery; the X8 Platinum will set you back in the region of R 30 000.00,  considerably more than its predecessors – but consider what you are paying for; advanced technologies, developed sciences and some smoking hot looks.

So, what all can we expect from this sleek beast?

Jura X8 Platinum Review

Jura X8 Interactive and Customisable Touch Screen

Jura X8 Interactive and Customisable Touch Screen

All coffee drinks are prepared with a push of a button, from espresso to latte macchiato. You can prepare up to 2 milk-based drinks at the same time.

  • All coffee drinks are prepared with a push of a button on a sleek, touch screen interactive display.
  • Prepare up to 2 coffee drinks at the same time
  • Coffee pot function and hot water outlet
  • Lockable bean grinder and water tank – hello control and goodbye to overuse!
  • Pulse Extraction Process Technology – ensuring quality coffee every time.
  • 5 Litre water tank – the second biggest water tank we’ve seen this far.
  • 500 g Coffee container – perfectly proportioned to your water tank size, this ensures you don’t feel the brunt of frustrated coffee lovers having to continually top up the beans throughout the day.

The essence of real versatility, the Jura X8 Bean To Cup coffee machine masters the whole range of speciality coffees like flat white, café latte and cappuccino at the touch of a button, and all from a stunning looking coffee machine.

This exciting new unit is an ideal coffee machine for offices, catering and restaurants serving up to 80 cups per day.

21 drink selections available:

1 ristretto
2 ristretti
1 espresso
2 espressi
1 coffee
2 coffees
1 cappuccino
2 cappuccini
1 caffè latte
2 caffè latte
1 latte macchiato
2 latte macchiati
1 Flat White
2 Flat Whites
1 portion of milk
2 portions of milk
Pot of coffee
Hot water
hot water for green tea
1 special coffee
2 special coffees

Brewing times:

Pot of coffee (360 ml / 12 oz.)
2 min. 20 sec.
2 latte macchiati
1 min. 50 sec.
2 cappuccini
1 min. 18 sec.
2 caffè latte (cafés au lait)
1 min. 34 sec.
2 coffees
1 min. 3 sec.
2 espressi
48 sec.
2 ristretti
33 sec.
Hot water (200 ml / 7 oz.)
50 sec.


App Compatibility
JURA Connect App
JURA Coffee App Professional
JURA fine foam technology  – Yes
Milk or milk foam preparation – Yes
Smart Connect compatible – Yes
Grinder type – AromaG3 grinder
Number of grinders – 1
Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) – Yes

Other Specifications:

Water tank capacity  – 5 L
Coffee grounds container (servings)  – 40
Numbers of bean containers  – 1
Capacity of bean container with aroma preservation cover  – 500 g
Bean container can be optionally extended to  – 1000 g
Cable length  – 1.2 m
Voltage  – 220 – 240 V ~
Current  – 10 amp
Frequency  – 50 hz
Power  – 1450 Watt
Accounting systems – compatible
Stand-by power  – < 0.5 Watt
Weight  – 14 kg
Width  – 37.3 cm
Height  – 47 cm
Depth  – 46.1 cm

Jura X8 Platinum Overview South Africa

Jura X8 Lockable Bean Hopper

Jura X8 Lockable Bean Hopper


  • Beautiful looks and design to grace any interior
  • Touch screen interactive display ensures easy operation, for first time users as well as coffee experts.
  • Very hot milky drinks like flat white, gifted to us by adjustable temperature controls – very much a South African preference!
  • Compact design means no compromise on looks to suit space constraints or volume output.
  • Option to plumb-in or hand fill, thanks to the generous-size internal reservoir of 5 litres.
  • Height adjustable spout for larger cups
  • The Jura X8 bean to cup coffee machine has a useful cup positioning aid which is ideal for self-service use, as are the large, clearly arranged selection buttons.
  • To adapt exactly to your needs, the drink options can be moved freely on the visual display screen as well with the flexibility to serve 2 coffees at a time if desired.


Keep your eyes on on our page for our launch on this product!


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