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Jura Z6 Review: Is this the Best Jura Yet?

Jura Z6 Review: Is this the Best Office Coffee Machine Ever?

The Z-range of Jura coffee machines have always been Jura’s flagship small medium office coffee machine range and the Z6 is no different. First there was the original Z6 which was succeeded by the famed “coffee bean shaped” Z7 , which was then replaced with the first ever, two cappuccinos at one time automatic machine – Z9 and now Jura has gone back to it’s roots to release the much anticipated new Jura Z6.

Jura Z6 FeaturesJuraZ6

The Jura Z6, will follow and replace the Z9 with some extra features whilst maintaining some standout features of the Z9. The Z6 will keep the “Two Cappuccinos at One Time” capability, making it the quickest automatic cappuccino machine on the market. The TFT display, which was originally launched on the J9.3 TFT, will remain in the centre of the machine with a 6-button touch display allowing for 6 preset options to be pre-programmed for quick access one touch menu without needing to scroll through the 21 some coffee options in the menu.

With a far bigger water tank (2.4 litres) and grounds container (capacity of 20 coffee pucks) than any previous Jura Z model, which will deem this machine suitable for the most commercial high-usage applications.

A big new feature of the Jura Z6 is the new Aroma G3 grinder and brewing unit, which was a work-in-progress at Jura for a number of years. One of the design features which has separated Jura from its competitors in the past has been it’s desire to create automatic coffee machines which are capable of emulating the extraction and skills of the best Baristas in the world.

We saw a big improvement in the flavour extraction with the last round of Jura releases and our expectations were exceeded with the Z6.

Jura Z6 Advantages and Good Points

There is big hype about the espresso quality which the Z6 produces. There is already talk about it being the “best espresso an automatic coffee machine has ever created”…

Another welcome addition is the large(r) water tank. One design spec, which in our opinion has always kept the Z range of Jura machines back, is their relatively small water tank. Small water tanks mean that they are just not suitable for use in the biggest of offices. While the 2.4 litre capacity falls short of the likes of the XS9, it is a marked improvement from the likes of the Jura F7 – coming in only at 1.9 litres.

Jura Z6 – The Bad Points

Although there are many great points to talk about on this machine, one feature we were hoping to see was a hot chocolate or powder canister option. Automatic coffee machines, which have the capability of dispensing hot chocolate, are few and far between – but they do exist. We had hoped the Z6 would be the first Jura to join this growing trend – but alas – we will continue to wait.

Jura Z6 Price

The Jura Z6 is available for around R 24 000.00 (including VAT).

Who Should Look at Buying/Renting the Jura Z6?

The Z6 will be a great solution for large offices who are looking for only the best quality coffee. Usually experienced drinkers and coffee connoisseurs will appreciate this machine the most.

Who is the Jura Z6 not the best fit for?

If you want a good quality coffee but don’t need the absolute best then you might be better off option with one of the more entry level Jura’s or even perhaps another brand. For first time coffee machine offices, we would probably suggest starting off with a slightly “less advanced” machine as some of the extra quality features included on this machine might be wasted on first time drinkers.

Also, offices which are set on hot chocolate and cappuccino solution, might be better off with a vending type option or automatic machine which does it all.





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