Aquaspresso provides a range of products that work perfectly with our coffee vending and coffee machine products. From roasted coffee beans for bean-to-cup machines, to coffee capsules, to the various coffee products used in coffee vending machines.

Coffee Beans

Why Aquaspresso coffee beans? At Aquaspresso, we strive to ensure consistent top quality in both our choice of coffee bean as well as our roasting process. Our coffee beans are sourced from the world’s foremost coffee-producing regions. We use only the highest grade coffee beans. Our coffee beans are made from freshly roasted high quality raw green beans. Our coffee beans are made using the purest filtered water.

Coffee Blend Flavours

Blend 1


70% Arabica + 30% Robusta

Guatemala, Brazil Santos, Ethiopia and Indian Blend

Blend 2


100% Arabica

Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenyan Blend

Blend 3


100% Arabica

Single Origin Tanzania

Blend 4


90% Arabica + 10% Robusta

Guatemala, Brazil Santos, Honduras and Vietnam Blend

Coffee Vending Products

Aquaspresso have a range of specially formulated Vending products that work in our vending machines.

Instant Coffee

Our instant coffees are imported from Europe, where they are expertly manufactured for use in vending machines to ensure a superior coffee drink.


Our milk powders are used for all milk-based drinks in vending machines. Unlike many other milk products available, our imported milk powder is 100% milk, and tastes simply delicious.

Vending Sugar

Vending sugar has been specifically formulated to work in vending machines. Although the consistency may differ slightly to accommodate the optimal functioning of the machines, the taste is exactly the same as regular sugar.

Hot Chocolate

The unique recipe for our hot chocolate blend is an irresistible combination of the world’s finest, imported chocolate mixed with delicious, full cream milk.

Coffee Capsules

Coffee capsules were invented to attain absolute freshness of the ground coffee over an extended period of time. There are several standards for capsules, we support Caffitaly Capsules, each designed specifically for their respective machines.

Capsule Machine

Coffee capsule machines were designed to produce exquisitely fresh coffee with minimum fuss. Small coffee capsules containing ground and roasted coffee beans are inserted into the machine to create a perfectly balanced Italian espresso at the push of a button.

Perfect Freshness

Coffee capsules undergoes a meticulous process whereby coffee beans are instantly compressed and packaged after they have been roasted and ground, then air-sealed to ensure that the coffee inside the capsule has perfect freshness.

Raw Green

All coffee drinks, including espressos, cappuccinos, café lattes and Americanos, are in fact espresso-based. The coffee capsule machine can therefore provide you with whichever coffee drink you most prefer.

Capsule Benefits

You can prepare a superb espresso in just a few seconds, with minimum fuss. The capsule is designed to hold the exact measurement of a well-balanced Italian espresso. The air-tight closing of the capsule keeps the aroma and flavour of the coffee perfectly intact.

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