How to Make Decaf Coffee from Your Coffee Machine

How to Make Decaf Coffee from Your Coffee Machine

How to Make Decaf Coffee from Your Coffee Machine

There is so much brunt bared by decaf coffee drinkers, by those who will drink nothing less than straight-up, fresh Espresso. What many people don’t understand that a lot of the people who prefer decaf coffee do so for health reasons – not to be difficult or “different”. Caffeine can have adverse effects on people with high blood pressure, diabetes and especially for those who suffer from heart conditions.

Getting to work in the morning, smelling fresh coffee being prepared in your office coffee machine makes your heart feel heavy; you know it tastes great, but you can’t drink regular caffeinated coffee.

Fret not! There is an exceptionally easy way to make decaf coffee from an automatic coffee machine – a feature many users don’t know about.

How to Make Decaf Coffee on an Automatic Coffee Machine

Do yourself a favour,; walk over to your office’s coffee machine now, and look at the bean container. Somewhere nearby, there looks to be something similar to a round “trap door” – probably discreetly tucked away or hidden somehow. Press on this and see if it flips open. You’ve just discovered the override doser!

The way this mechanism works is that when the machine has pre-ground coffee of any sort added to the override doser, the machine will immediately prepare the next cup of coffee using ONLY the coffee added to this component. The next cup of coffee will use the whole beans again, so other than the person preparing the single coffee through the override doser – nobody else will be affected.

To use it, open the override doser, add a nice fat scoop of pre-ground decaf coffee to it, and select the type of drink you want (usually a choice between cappuccino, Americano or espresso). Prepare, walk away and enjoy your coffee the same way everyone else does.

No permanent settings, no confusing selections – and no upsetting the next guy in line who needs his pure Espresso.

Has this helped you in your quest to get good coffee without the caffeine?

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