How To Make Hot Chocolate From Any Coffee Machine

How To Make Hot Chocolate From Any Coffee Machine

How To Make Hot Chocolate From Any Coffee Machine


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We all have our own idea of what a perfect world looks like. Mine is something along the lines of free chocolate on tap and self-driving cars. While my perfect world is probably going to take longer to come to fruition, a world where you can get hot chocolate from any kind of coffee machine is a lot more probable – and possible!

Here’s how you can get that yummy, chocolatey goodness from every type of coffee machine!

Hot Chocolate From A Coffee Vending Machine

This is by far the easiest type of coffee machine that yields hot chocolate. If there is a canister inside that is empty, or a designated hot-chocolate powder canister, simply fill it up with your powder of choice and voilà! Sorted.

Hot Chocolate From A Capsule Coffee Machine

This is a bit of a tricky one; most capsule coffee machine operate on a closed system – meaning that you are limited to using one specific brand of capsules which are compatible with that machine. In this case, you can search for your brand-specific capsule which contains hot chocolate. Otherwise, if your machine is compatible with a milk powder capsule, brew a cup of milk and add some hot chocolate powder. If neither of these two options are viable on your machine, you could always try a choccochino, by making yourself a beautiful cup of Espresso and topping it up with heated milk and hot chocolate powder.

Hot Chocolate From A Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

By far the most “sticky” point when people are considering getting a bean to cup coffee machine is “but what about hot chocolate”? There’s two great solutions here: Option one is to (if your machine has a milk frother) is to froth a beautiful, steaming cup of milk to just about halfway. Add a sachet of your favourite flavour of hot chocolate, stir in and top it up with piping hot water (to help dilute it a little). Guaranteed, this will be the creamiest, dreamiest hot chocolate you can imagine. Option two is to take normal hot chocolate powder and simply decant hopt water from the water spout (for lactose intolerant hot-chocolate lovers or those staying away from milk). Whichever option – there is a way to do it!

Tell us your innovative ways of getting your hot chocolate fix!

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