Miele CM7300 vs Miele CM7500

Miele CM7300 vs Miele CM7500 – Coffee Machine Reviews

Miele CM7300 vs Miele CM7500 – Coffee Machine Reviews

“Immer Besser” the German slogan for the Miele brand directly translates into “Always Better” – and is not only a catchy phrase, but rather a brand promise. Since it’s inception and founding in 1899, Miele has been driven to continually outperform competitors as well as themselves.

This may be a key factor in how they have come to be a German manufacturer with the reputation behind the 5 pillars the company has been built on: Quality, Technology, Convenience, Design, Service and lastly – The Brand.

We have honed in on two table-top, Fresh-Bean-to-Cup coffee machines to see how they stack up against each other; we review and compare the CM7300 and CM7500 side by side.

Miele CM7300 Coffee Machine Review


Miele CM7300 Coffee Machine – Brilliant White

The price tag of R 29 999.00 for the Miele CM7300 in Brilliant white has many contributing factors. Firstly, this machine looks like it belongs anywhere. It has a sleek, symmetrical design that gives off an air of sophistication and class. But the features found on this machine are truly what sets it apart:

It’s imperative to note that all features listed on the Miele CM7300 Coffee Machine are mirrored and can be found in the Miele CM7500, as well.

  • One Touch and One Touch for Two. I have honestly not heard of technology like this before – which gives me faith in the slogan “Always Better”, yet again. The Miele CM7300 has the output capability to produce either one OR two milk-based drinks, simultaneously, at the touch of one button. The central spout can dispense a single stream or double stream of both milk and coffee product, making convenience just that little bit more luxurious.
  • The CM7300 has a cup sensor, as well. The central spout adjusts the dispensing area according to where it detects the rim of the cup to be, making sure you always get the perfect cup – even if you have placed the cup haphazardly onto the dispensing area.
  • C-Touch display is the equivalent of the TFT display you could find on modern Jura Coffee Machines; in short, it is a clear, text-display which is interactive and exceedingly easy to understand.
  • Automatic milk-system rinsing occurs after a speciality milk-based drink is prepared, ensuring no soured milk makes it’s way back into your frother or boiler – automatically increasing the lifespan of you machine without even trying!
  • The Aromatic Coffee Brewing system works similarly to Jura’s Intelligent Pre-Brew Water System, and allows for heated water to infuse with the ground coffee beans, to extract maximum flavour before being dispensed into your cup.
  • Lastly, in and amongst the benefits we have mentioned, and along with those that we consider a standard in the High-End Coffee Machine industry, is the 22 specialty drinks the Miele CM7300 can conjure up, including:

Espresso, Coffee, Long Coffee, Ristretto, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Caffe Latte, Espresso Macchiato, Cappuccino Italiano, Café Au Lait, Flat White, Long Black, Caffe Americano, Green Tea, Black Tea, Herbal Tea, Fruit Tea, Hot Milk and Hot Frothed Milk.

Standing at 55cm tall and 51cm wide, this machine is beautifully suited to sit neatly on your counter-top area in a small to medium office, or a large-coffee-usage home.

It’s C-Touch display makes it relatively easy for first time users, but be careful. Some of the features of the CM7300 include touch-screen ability to double the amount of coffee dispensed, which might not be the best thing for a jittery intern to try out before his first interview with the MD 🙂

Miele CM7500 Coffee Machine Review


Miele CM7500 Coffee Machine – Obsidian Black

If you thought the CM7300 was a sight to behold, let the CM7500 introduce itself.

With a price tag of R 39 999.00, the Obsidian Black coffee machine demands attention from the moment your eyes meet with it.

Also featuring One Touch and One Touch for Two technology, this machine has similar output features compared to it’s counterpart, the CM7300.

With a 16-portion waste container, you are set to cater quite easily for an office of less than approximately 30 people, or for a home of coffee drinkers who enjoy entertaining. The maintenance of this machine is already drastically reduced, in and of the fact that the CM7500 has self-cleaning features, like the Auto-Descale option as well as the milk-spout automatic rinsing.

Oh, the Automatic Descale caught your attention, did it? I don’t blame you.

This patented Miele function automatically detects when there is a lime scale build-up, and de-scales itself from a cartridge at the back of the appliance. Don’t worry, it won’t just start descaling between cups.

The only input required from you is to set a time each day where the machine will perform this function; it might be a good idea to set it two minutes after you have set the wake-up timer, so that the machine is de-scaled and rinsed every morning before your first cuppa. Alternatively, set it to perform this function at night, to ensure no bitter coffee taste stays behind overnight. This function helps prevent the build-up from forming in the first place, and the filter itself will last you throughout a year, giving you a great run for the money.

The Miele CM7500 also stands at 55cm tall and 51cm wide, so it will slot into your selected area perfectly.

Battle of the Machines: Miele CM7300 vs Miele CM7500

Both the Miele CM7500 and the Miele CM7300 have a 2.2litre water tank capacity and a 500g bean hopper; the CM7500 has 10 user profiles available to use, whereas the CM7300 is limited to 8.

Both machines are fully One Touch as well as One Touch for two – so what is the major difference here? At a quick glance you might say the output capabilities, but it comes down to four factors:

  1. See, the CM7500 automatically de-scales your machine without needing prompting – which drastically affects the quality of the water you will use to prepare your coffee. This is directly influential to the longevity of your machine as well as the taste superiority of your coffee.
  2. The second major influencing factor is the timer option, available on the CM7500 model; this allows for you to set the machine to switch on and off when it suits your needs the best. This gives you those precious “5 more minutes” you need in the morning, because you can now wake up and immediately brew a beautifully extracted coffee of your choice. It also gives you the piece of mind at night that the machine will switch off automatically and not use electricity unnecessarily.
  3. Two more factors which influence the +/- R 10 000.00 price difference between the two machines are the aesthetic, firstly. The CM7300 is available only in Brilliant White, whereas the CM7500 is available only in Obsidian Black. This might be a deciding factor for those who are in the game mostly for aesthetic, but may be a pricing consideration to those looking to save some money.
  4. Lastly, the fourth difference between the CM7500 and the CM7300 lies in the added feature of the stainless steel cup warmer, available only on the CM7500 model. Again, a non-essential, but one that adds a great deal of convenience to your coffee making routine.

In our opinion, both machines are a sure-fire win, but if aesthetic and luxury add-ons do not add significant value to your life, opting for the less costly machine will still yield beautifully extracted coffee each and every time.

“Always Better” than the last! 🙂

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