Milk Powder Prices

Milk Powder Prices

Vending Coffee machines were the last to enter our range of coffee machines. Since launching coffee vending it has become by far our most popular and successful undertaking. One of the cornerstones of coffee vending is powdered milk and the benefits which it offers a customer.

Powdered milk has a few distinct advantages over ordinary liquid milk in an office environment.

1) Milk powder prices is considerably cheaper than liquid milk even without taking into account the portion control element of a vending machine
2) Storage – powdered milk doesn’t go off or go sour and has no real shelf life to it
3) Health Reasons – Now this is not a specific benefit to ordered milk in general but our powdered milk contains zero fat
4) Ease of Cleaning – Powdered milk doesn’t clog the spout of vending machines quite like liquid milk does and is far easier to manage

We have taken the plunge into the powder. Give it a try, we are sure you will too!

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