What milk is in your Vending Machine?

What milk is in your Vending Machine?

There is nothing better than a creamy cappuccino to start your day right? Well not always.

Unfortunately most coffee vending machines use a creamer to make their cappuccinos creamy. What is a creamer you may ask? Well a creamer is a product which contains two of the worst things for a human being to consume :

1)      Glucose (or refined sugar – a product which has a G.I. value of 100)

2)      Palm Oil – Palm oil has enormous fat content and is responsible for most trans-fat found in foods

So what’s the alternative you may ask? Well we didn’t quite like the idea of poisoning our customers ,or making them incredibly unhealthy, so we decided to use the purest, and in our opinion, the  best milk powder on the market

Our milk powder is a Clover product from New Zealand which is 100% dehydrated skim milk (yes that’s zero fat content). Wow, sounds expensive doesn’t it? Interestingly our milk powder saves companies typically between 30-40% on their fresh milk spend every month, whilst keeping their employees healthy

So next time you drink a cappuccino out of a vending machine, ask yourself…is my cappuccino perhaps a bit too creamy?

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