Most Expensive Coffee Machine in The World

Most Expensive Coffee Machine in The World

Lets face it – coffee machines are not cheap. An entry level bean to cup can go for around R 10,000.00 these days.

If you want something a little fancier, perhaps something with an LCD screen or TFT display, your price rises, rapidly, closer to the R 20,000.00 mark

On my travels recently I came across a Swarovski-encrusted coffee machine which was selling for approximately R 60,000.00. Pretty expensive, right? That’s what I thought, until I stumbled about this baby…

Roasting Plant Javabot

Roasting Plant Javabot is probably the most expensive coffee machine in the world. It’s a robotic system which actually wraps around the entire store. It manages the entire coffee process, from green coffee bean to roast, to grind, to pour and all the important steps in between. The entire system is based off tubes which run all over the place.

Have a look and see what you think. Worth it’s $1 Million Dollar Tag?

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