Descale Jura WE8 and E8

Why Do I Need to Descale My New Jura WE8 and E8 So Often?

Why Do I Need to Descale My New Jura WE8 and E8 So Often?

The Jura WE8 and smaller-sister, the E8, are some of the newest Jura models to hit the shelves. The WE8 has been designed to fit into a high-usage environment such as a workplace or coffee shop, while the slightly smaller E8 is welcomed in homes and smaller café’s.

We’ve seen how Jura places emphasis on making every machine better than the last, starting all the way back when they first introduced P.E.P and the Aroma G3 grinder , and they have not stopped.

Newer Jura models are now only compatible with the Smart Grey filters, and while some relish this fact, to others it has become a slight point of contention, but hear us out.

Since your coffee comprises of 98% water, it would make sense that the more superior your water quality, the better your cup of coffee. The only way to ensure great quality water is by either only using premium purified water, or by filtering the water directly from the water tank housed inside your Jura.

There have been ways to “dupe” the system previously, to get around having to actually change the filter. The newest Jura Smart Grey filter comes fitted with a microchip which literally monitors the literage and does not allow for the re-insertion of a previously used filter in the machine.

That’s not the hardest part to deal with, though. Yes, you and ignore the prompts to change your filter, but eventually your machine will prompt you to perform a descale and then you’re way further down the rabbit hole than you had bargained for to start with. Once at this point, you’ll have to schedule 45 minutes of downtime to run a full decalcification cycle and then still replace your filter again.

This is hugely tedious for the majority of home users, but it has definite benefits!



Benefits of Jura Water Filters

Use of CLARIS filter cartridges guarantees you freshly filtered, delicious-tasting water for your coffee at all times. It was developed to satisfy even the most stringent quality and service requirements and is now setting a new standard in the food service and vending industries


  • Reduced service costs thanks to protection against calcification
  • Machines are more efficient and have a longer service life
  • Machine failures and angry customers are a thing of the past
  • Coffee with the perfect crema full of aroma and pleasant fragrance
  • Optimised coffee consumption and reduced energy costs
  • Perfectly suited to the JURA coffee machines


That being said, the frequency (and unfortunately, the cost) of the Smart Grey filter is something to consider when buying or renting your next Jura coffee machine.

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